Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for Growth in 2011–Bible Memorization

Another way I'm planning to strengthen my spiritual growth is through memorizing portions of Scripture. Hosting the Local Bible Bee for our area has shown me how much Bible memory enhances growth in the one memorizing besides sharpening mental alertness. The growth in the contestants' lives is phenomenal while they are studying for the competition.

Having a "repertoire" of key passages from the Bible allows you
to go beyond fumbling with pages in a book,
and gives you the ability to instantaneously recall passages at the mere mention of the chapter and verse.
This way you can deeply consider the meaning of the passage without effort of having to read it and decipher it at the same time.

Memorizing Scripture gives you deeper insight into other passages of the Bible.
Imagine being able to read a passage of Scripture
and then be able to cross-reference other key passages instantly–all from memory!
This is the power and freedom Scripture memorization gives you.
(52 passages designed for one year. Instruction, cards, booklet, Screen Saver/Windows)

Besides memorizing from printed cards, I have been using Memverse for the last few weeks. Another help is to be accountable to someone. There are many different methods and helps. Here are a few:

Bible Bee–can order cards, Scriptures set to music CDs  from Estore

Scripture Memory Fellowship–topical plans, memory books, rewards,  Scripture set to music CDs and Tic Tac Know a Memory game..

memverse-a free on-line program. You enter the verses you are working on and it quizzes you, keeping track of how you are doing, what you need to work on, and how often you need to work on your verses.

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