Thursday, January 17, 2008

Making Sunday Special

Early in our family’s life I decided to make an effort to make Sunday more special for our children. I wanted them to look forward to Sunday as an enjoyable day of the family being together, worshipping together with other Christians. I wanted Sunday to be the high point of the week.

I started by making breakfast special. It is not that hard to make something special for breakfast on Saturday–a coffeecake or cinnamon rolls. Or perhaps hot chocolate for a treat. A few times Dad even made cinnamon toast (his specialty-not mine). Currently, because we no longer have young children at home, our sons are often leaving earlier to serve at church so I have been including a store bought cereal just for Sunday breakfast.

Lunch or dinner on Sunday is usually about 1:30. It is normally our “big meal” of the day. A few times each summer we make it a picnic and enjoy the great outdoors. Usually going to a lake or park where we can relax, take a leisurely hike, the boys sometimes fish, and often we take guns along to practice target shooting.

Sunday supper is the most challenging for me. The church we currently attend has an evening service, which coincides with about the time we get hungry. The dilemma is do we eat before or after. We usually end up eating after and here are some of the quick, easy, and not too messy solutions I have come up with: egg burritos, English muffin pizzas, chicken soup, quesadillas, grilled cheese or BLT sandwiches and popcorn.


Nicki said...

Great post. I think we need to work harder to make Sunday special and not hectic. Thanks for the inspiration!

Becoming Abigail said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminder to make Sundays special. I plan to start doing this soon.

Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Our Sundays can get pretty hectic with an hour drive to and from church. I have discovered the day goes so much better if I prepare the dinner ahead (on Friday or Saturday; whichever works out best). Then we just need to heat and serve (usually soup and bread with salad). Thanks for sharing this post!