Monday, September 20, 2010

Down Cellar in a Teacup

The spuds are all dug. The chewed, poked, sliced ones are in the kitchen pantry getting used ASAP. A few have already been turned into hashbrowns and stored in the freezer.

Yukon Gold
Here is what is in storage:


What have you put in your "cellar" this fall?


Michelle said...


I found your blog through a google seach. My boys & I are reading a Little House on the Prairie book & Pa says something about there being plenty more Christmas dinner "down cellar in a teacup". Would you mind letting us know, what does this phrase mean? Where did it come from? Thank you for any insight you can provide!

Michelle (

Munger Mom said...


My understanding of "down cellar in a teacup" is there is enough for us to share, even if it is not over abundance or fancy.