Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goals for Growth in 2011–Bible Reading

 Let Scripture be first and most in your hearts and hands, 
and other books be used as subservient to it.
Richard Baxter, Christian Directory, Direct. XVI

What are your plans for Spiritual growth this year?

I'm desiring to really get a grip on how the Bible fits together. To that end I'm planning to start the New Year trying to read through the Bible in about 90 days in the newer English Standard Version. Having always memorized in KJV and read the NKJV over the last few years, the ESV should give me some food for thought as words choices will be just slightly different.

Here are some common approaches to reading the Bible:
•Through the Bible in a year.

•Reading for depth: This is a book by book approach. Short books like, 1 John, read through daily for a month. Larger books break down into chapter groups, for example John 1-7, 8-14, 15-21,  reading each group daily for a month.

•The Bible in 90 Days. Zondervan actually has a complete curriculum using the NIV. You can download the schedule here, join a group or read through in the Bible version of your choice using the schedule.

One warning as a Mom you should not compare what you are doing to others. Be content to receive what the Lord has for you at the season of life you are in. I remember having a terrible time trying to read my Bible first thing in the morning after marriage and having children. Something I always did when single. It just wasn't happening. Even though I wanted it to. Finally, when number three was born I learned to use the moments the Lord gave me. That summer I read through the Psalms while nursing the little one during afternoon naps after reading a story to the older two. There is no way I would have attempted to read through the Bible in a short period of time with young children in the house! There was not that much free time in my day. But we could listen to Scripture, sermons, and music at home or while traveling.

The Lord is faithful to lead us and give us what we need to love and serve Him.

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