Thursday, August 13, 2009


When I met up with the guys woodcutting they were felling trees in the middle of ripe huckleberries! While getting their lunch ready and watching our 2 1/2 + year old granddaughter I picked some.

A couple of days later a friend went with me and we picked for two hours. We each ended up with about a quart of huckleberries. That might not sound like much–but huckleberries are rare and small; although this year’s were larger than normal.

And the raspberries in the garden are ripening. I’ve been hiding them away in the freezer. My favorite smoothie is raspberry! We did have some with birthday cake and homemade ice cream for Mr. Wonderful’s birthday party on Sunday.

This is the first year for the blueberries to bear and I’ve been getting a couple each morning this week!

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