Monday, January 19, 2009

The Light of the World is Jesus

Musings, as I traveled with my youngest son to a nearby city on a shopping expedition.

Living in the mountains we often have spectacular views. This morning’s were inspiring as the sun came up, lighting the brilliant pure white snow on the mountain peaks, leaving hard shadows from ridges in darkness, the valley engulfed in fog. Bare trees allowing the light to pour onto the snow lying at their feet; while the conifers, so stately and regal to us, cause the snow below their branches to still lie in dusk. Fields glittering like a thousands diamonds as frost crystals refracted the sun’s light rays.

All these led my thoughts to how Christ’s righteousness covers my sins like a blanket of snow.

His Light exposes the hard ridges in my life, the ridges He conforms to God’s design in my life by allowing winds of adversity and watery trails to shape. As He softens these ridges, more Light shines on my life, His righteousness covers me better.

How it is hard to see the Light through the world’s fog, but it is still there shining brightly above us. I just need to get out of the fog.

How His Light shines best around me, when my branches, my life, are bare.

When I allow God’s Light to shine on me it will refract with a thousand glittering micro-lights causing others to see God’s Light.

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