Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feminine Appeal, chapter 4, The Safety of Self-Control

Carolyn helps one face the truth about our lack of self-control. We don’t want to be practice self-control. We want to give in to our desires and the temptations that assail us. She helps us see the importance of self-control. It is not to stifle us; it is a defense, a protection.

Do we control our appetites for the glory of God? Do we understand how important it is to our witness? What about controlling our feelings instead of letting our feelings control us? The primary purpose of our feelings is to enjoy and give glory to God. Controlling our thoughts will help control our feelings.

No one said it is easy. And no one can do it with just her own strength. Control comes to our behavior as we commune with God. As we realize He is the only source for peace, comfort, strength. In Carolyn’s words, “We develop this virtue (self-control) only through His ‘better strength.’”

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