Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Goodies-Chocolate Covered Pretzels

An excited granddaughter looks over the "white candy pretzels" we made. At two I didn't think she was up to decorating cut-out cookies. But we had fun making candy pretzels! She would hunt for unbroken pretzels and drop them into the top of the double-boiler in which I had melted the candy coating or chocolate. I then covered them and lifted the candy pretzels out with a plastic fork laying them on silcon baking sheets to harden.

Melt your coating. Then move your pan or the top of your double-boiler off the stove. Coat your pretzels, then lay out on wax paper or a silcon sheet to harden. We also drizzled dark chocolate on top of our white pretzels. You can add sprinkles in a contrasting color while they are still wet. Clean out your pan by making Almond Bark. Just dump in some almonds and stir around to get the last of the coating. Spread on wax paper to harden.

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