Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Sanctum

A chance to get-away with Mr. Wonderful...

to a peaceful, wildflower meadow in the Rocky Mountains...

Meadow where we camped was filled with white and purple wildflowers.

These interesting flowers where shoulder high.

The neighbors were quiet,

cautious, and dropped in to browse.

We not only camped out, but we used the time to cut a load of firewood. It was easy access around the edge of the meadow. Beetle-killed lodgepole pine.

Sunday afternoon hike up to a ridge across from our campsite. First meadow.

Mr. Wonderful leading the way.

A profusion of wildflowers.

Part way up, looking back down.

Almost to the top.

The top.

Series of pictures from the top.

The sun was intense on top and the breeze felt wonderful.

On our way back down.

Ready to head home.

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