Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Water - Irrigation - Sprinklers

Dear Son #4 has his cattle on some nearby leased land. He is responsible to keep the irrigation sprinklers up and running. We tagged along the other night.

The guys head for the first wheel-line.

I choose to find the cows and calves.

First wheel-line draining for moving.

Cows, the calves are there too. The grass is over my shoulders in places so the calves are hard to find.

They are fat and well.


It is a beautiful evening.

Hooking up in the new position.

Leaving the first wheel-line to pressure up while we go to the hand-line.

Hand-line hook-up.

Moving hand-line.

Second wheel-line is a bear to start the motor.

Wheel-line pressured up.

A job well done.

Contented cows and calves.

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