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Bible Bee 2012 Practice Questions

1      How was Paul made an apostle? (1:1)
A.   By the will of God
B.   By birth
C.   By his training
D.   By vote of the other apostles

2      Paul addresses his letter to ___________. (1:2)
A.   The church in Asia Minor
B.   The Jews
C.   The persecuted believers
D.   Timothy, his dear son

3      Where did Timothy get trained? (1:5)
A.   Grandmother Lois
B.   Mother Eunice
C.   Father
D.   Both A and B

4      God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of _____________. (1:7)
A.   Power
B.   Love
C.   Sound mind
D.   All of the above

5      Paul was a ______________ to the Gentiles. (1:11)
A.   Teacher
B.   Preacher
C.   Apostle
D.   All of the above

6      The Holy Spirit __________ us. (1:14)
A.   Condemns
B.   Dwells in
C.   Tempts
D.   Reports on

7      Paul wanted the Lord to give Onesiphorus ____________. (1:18)
A.   Money
B.   Mercy
C.   A message
D.   Many friends

8      Paul calls Timothy __________ for the second time in 2 Timothy 2:1.
A.   Apostle
B.   Teacher
C.   Brother
D.   Son

9      A soldier of Jesus Christ should _________. (2:3)
A.   Have his armor on
B.   Endure hardness
C.   Build a fort
D.   Know how to sword fight

10  To win a race you must win by _________. (2:5)
A.   Practicing
B.   The rules
C.   Running
D.   None of the above

11  Who is the first to taste the harvest? (2:6)
A.   Soldier
B.   Athlete
C.   Farmer
D.   All of the above

12  Who gives understanding? (2:7)
A.   Teacher
B.   God
C.   Paul
D.   Timothy

13  Where is salvation to be obtained? (2:10)
A.   In Jesus Christ
B.   At church
C.   By good works
D.   All of the above

14  We should be studying to receive whose approval? (2:15)
A.   Paul’s
B.   Our parents’
C.   God’s
D.   Other christians’

15  What kind of work should we be prepared for? (2:21)
A.   Manual/physical
B.   Housework
C.   Homework
D.   Good

16  Run away from ___________. (2:22)
A.   Ugly girls
B.   Mean boys
C.   Youthful lusts
D.   Weird women

17  Follow-pursue ____________. (2:22)
A.   Righteousness
B.   Peace
C.   Joy
D.   Both A and B

18  What must the servant of the Lord do to everyone? (2:24)
A.   Preach
B.   Teach
C.   Be gentle
D.   Be generous

19  Who or what will men love in the last days? (3:2)
A.   Creation
B.   Self
C.   Big cities
D.   Others

20  Silly/gullible women are led away from God by their _________. (3:6)
A.   Lusts
B.   Sins
C.   Friends
D.   None of the above

21  How was Paul delivered out of persecution? (3:11)
A.   Centurion let him go
B.   Lord delivered him
C.   He was hidden
D.   None of the above

22  Paul instructs Timothy to ____________ (3:14)
A.   Preach on Sundays
B.   Continue in what he has learned
C.   Order pizza
D.   Come quickly on an airplane

23  What is able to make us wise unto salvation? (3:15)
A.   Reading lots of books
B.   God’s Word
C.   Praying
D.   Both A and B

24  How was Scripture given? (3:16)
A.   Over the internet
B.   By preaching at churches
C.   Inspiration of God
D.   Through men discovering secret tablets

25  Scripture is profitable for ____________ (3:16)
A.   Doctrine
B.   Reproof
C.   Instruction in righteousness
D.   All of the above

26  What does Scripture do to the man of God? (3:17)
A.   Makes him weird
B.   Makes him able to do good works
C.   Nothing
D.   Makes him grumpy

27  When is Timothy to be ready to preach? (4:2)
A.   When he visits Paul
B.   On Sundays
C.   All the time
D.   After going to Bible College

28  Paul says men will turn their ears away from ___________. (4:4)
A.   Truth
B.   Gospel
C.   Music
D.   Timothy

29  In 2 Timothy 4:7, Paul states he has fought a good fight, finished his race, and kept the __________.
A.   Law
B.   Faith
C.   Secret
D.   Parchments

30  What is Timothy to bring with him? (4:11, 13)
A.   Books and parchments
B.   Cloak at Troas with Carpus
C.   Mark
D.   All of the above

31  The promise of life is in _________. (1:1)
A.   Obedience
B.   Service
C.   Christ Jesus
D.   Faithfulness

32  How often did Paul remember Timothy in prayer? (1:3)
A.   Every evening
B.   Every morning
C.   Night and day
D.   Every Sabbath

33  Paul thought it would __________ to see Timothy. (1:4)
A.   Fill him with joy
B.   Cause Timothy to be imprisoned
C.   Encourage Luke
D.   Be discouraging

34  Paul __________ God. (1:3)
A.   Loved
B.   Thanked
C.   Prayed
D.   None of the above

35  Timothy was known for his unfeigned ___________. (1:5)
A.   Love
B.   Service
C.   Trust
D.   Faith

36  Our Savior Jesus Christ abolished death and brought __________. (1:10)
A.   Life
B.   Immortality
C.   Judgment
D.   Both A and B

37  How did Paul become a teacher to the Gentiles? (1:11)
A.   He applied
B.   Peter sent him to the Gentiles
C.   God appointed him
D.   The other apostles gave him that job

38  Paul was suffering because of who he was. But he tells Timothy he __________. (1:12)
A.   Will see him soon
B.   Is not ashamed
C.   Likes pepperoni pizza
D.   Is sending a messenger to him

39  Because of Paul’s firm faith in who God is, Paul knew God would ________. (1:12)
A.   Get him out of jail
B.   Keep him
C.   Not let anyone bother Paul
D.   Make sure Paul had an easy time in jail

40  __________ and love are in Christ Jesus. (1:13)
A.   Faith
B.   Goodness
C.   Charity
D.   Both A and B

41  Paul tells Timothy to be strong in ________. (2:1)
A.   The Faith
B.   God’s mercy
C.   The grace in Christ Jesus
D.   Both A and B

42  Paul tells Timothy to teach __________ what he had heard from Paul. (2:2)
A.   Faithful men
B.   Elders
C.   Younger men
D.   The church

43  A good soldier of Christ does not entangle himself with ________. (2:4)
A.   Non-believers
B.   Unspiritual matters
C.   Physical work
D.   Affairs of this life

44  Who should a soldier seek to please/obey? (2:4)
A.   The one who chose him
B.   The enemy
C.   His fellow soldiers
D.   Himself

45  If we suffer with Christ, we shall ________. (2:12)
A.   Live with Him
B.   Die with Him
C.   Reign with Him
D.   Deny Him

46  If we deny Christ, He shall ________. (2:12)
A.   Make us suffer
B.   Spank us
C.   Save us
D.   Deny us

47  Who can Christ not deny? (2:13)
A.   Jews
B.   Gentiles
C.   Himself
D.   No one

48  2 Timothy 2:13 tells us Christ is faithful __________.
A.   When we believe not
B.   When we obey Him
C.   To the Jews
D.   None of the above

49  Paul reminds Timothy to remember not to argue with _______. (2:14)
A.   Peter
B.   Barnabas
C.   False teachers
D.   Paul

50  Avoid ________. (2:23)
A.   Foolish arguments
B.   Rich men
C.   Corrupt politicians
D.   Both A and B

51  Why should we instruct/correct those who are in opposition? (2:25)
A.   By our wisdom we will convince them of their errors
B.   God might grant them repentance
C.   Because they want to listen to us
D.   All of the above

52  In whose snare are the “men of self?” (2:26)
A.   Devil
B.   God
C.   Politicians
D.   Local church

53  What will come in the last days? (3:1)
A.   Good times
B.   World-wide flood
C.   Perilous times
D.   Millennium

54  Who did Jannes and Jambres resist/withstood? (3:8)
A.   Paul
B.   Timothy
C.   Moses
D.   David

55  Men of corrupt minds ___________. (3:8)
A.   Resist the truth
B.   Are reprobate concerning the faith
C.   Murder
D.   Both A and B

56  Whose folly is made manifest? (3:9)
A.   Men of corrupt minds
B.   Jews’
C.   Moses’
D.   Paul’s
57  How well did Timothy follow/know Paul? (3:10)
A.   Carefully
B.   Fully
C.   Not much
D.   Only a little

58  What happened to Paul at Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra? (3:11)
A.   Persecutions
B.   Afflictions
C.   Welcomed by the churches
D.   Both A and B

59  Who will suffer persecutions? (3:12)
A.   Evil men
B.   Unbelievers
C.   Christian leader
D.   All who desire to live godly

60  In 2 Timothy 4:2, Paul tells Timothy to do four things: preach, convince/reprove, rebuke, and ________.
A.   Judge
B.   Baptize
C.   Exhort
D.   Teach

61  In time men will not want to hear ___________. (4:3)
A.   Operas
B.   The Law
C.   Paul’s Testimony
D.   Sound doctrine

62  What kind of work was Timothy to do? (4:5)
A.   Evangelist
B.   Preacher
C.   Teacher
D.   Missionary

63  Paul is ready to __________. (4:6)
A.   Be offered
B.   Die for the Lord
C.   Get out of prison
D.   Both A and B

64  Who will give Paul his crown of righteousness? (4:8)
A.   The Lord
B.   The righteous judge
C.   Timothy
D.   Both A and B

65  Timothy was to stir up ______. (1:6)
A.   Love
B.   Gift of God
C.   Other believers
D.   Roman authorities

66  Timothy was told not to be ashamed of ________.
A.   Testimony of the Lord
B.   Paul’s imprisonment
C.   His mother and grandmother
D.   Both A and B

67  Timothy was told to participate in ___________.
A.   Evangelistic crusades
B.   Afflictions of the Gospel
C.   Disobedience to bad laws
D.   None of the above

68  Paul says God saved us and _________ us. (1:9)
A.   Called
B.   Keeps
C.   Renews
D.   Restored

69  God saves us according to ___________. (1:9)
A.   Our good works
B.   His own purpose and grace
C.   Where we are in our life
D.   What country we live in

70  God’s purpose for us is ___________. (1:9)
A.   To be wealthy
B.   To be generous
C.   From before the world began
D.   For our time on earth

71  Timothy was instructed to ____________ sound words. (1:13)
A.   Speak
B.   Listen
C.   Hold fast to
D.   Both A and B

72  Phygellus and Hermogenes were from ________. (1:15)
A.   Asia
B.   Bithynia
C.   Cappadocia
D.   Dalmatia

73  What did Onesiphorus do for Paul? (1:16)
A.   Provide him a house in Rome
B.   Bring him a bagel
C.   Refresh him
D.   Get him out of jail

74  Where did Onesiphorus search diligently for Paul? (1:170
A.   Rome
B.   Nicpolis
C.   Ephesus
D.   Corinth

75  Where else had Onesiphous ministered to Paul? (1:18)
A.   Corinth
B.   Ephesus
C.   Thessalonica
D.   Crete

76  Who was Jesus’ forefather? (2:8)
A.   Moses
B.   David
C.   Ezekiel
D.   Paul

77  According to Paul’s gospel, Jesus ___________. (2:8)
A.   Was raised from the dead
B.   Was a fable
C.   Was no longer alive
D.   None of the above

78  Because Paul preached salvation in Christ alone, he ________. (2:9)
A.   Suffered trouble
B.   Was considered an evil doer
C.   Was in chains/prison
D.   All of the above

79  Paul endured suffering for whose sake? (2:10)
A.   The Jews
B.   The elects
C.   The Gentiles
D.   None of the above

80  If we be dead with Christ we shall ________. (2:11)
A.   Escape judgment
B.   Not have to eat
C.   Live with Him
D.   None of the above

81  To rightly divide God’s Word is __________. (2:15)
A.   Cut it straight
B.   Being exact
C.   Being precise
D.   All of the above

82  What leads to more ungodliness? (2:16)
A.   Profane and vain babblings
B.   Strife
C.   Riches
D.   None of the above

83  Whose words were like a canker/cancer? (2:17)
A.   Hermogenes and Phygellus
B.   Hymenaeus and Philetus
C.   Hermes and Phillip
D.   None of the above

84  One of the errors Paul mentions in 2 Timothy 2:18 is________.
A.   Baptism for the dead
B.   Resurrection is past
C.   Must keep Jewish dietary laws
D.   Women maybe pastors

85  If we name/identify ourselves with Christ, we must depart from _____. (2:19)
A.   The world
B.   The Law
C.   Iniquity
D.   Both A and B

86  Gold and silver vessels/containers are compared to _______. (2:20)
A.   Wood and earthen dishes
B.   Plastic tubs
C.   Metal boxes
D.   None of the above

87  What must a person do to be a vessel of honor? (2:21)
A.   Attend church regularly
B.   Purge himself from spiritual error
C.   Keep the Ten Commandments
D.   Be baptized

88  Who or what will men in the last days despise? (3:3)
A.   Others
B.   Evil
C.   Good
D.   Self

89  “Men of self” love what more than God? (3:4)
A.   Things
B.   Self
C.   Evil
D.   Pleasures

90  “Men of self” have a form of __________, but deny the power. (3:5)
A.   Godliness
B.   Justice
C.   Righteousness
D.   Evil

91  Silly/gullible women are laden/loaded down with ________. (3:6)
A.   Gossip
B.   Sin
C.   Too many clothes
D.   Laziness

92  The silly/gullible women never come _________. (3:7)
A.   To church
B.   To the knowledge of the truth
C.   To hear Paul preach
D.   To the Lord

93  Paul describes evil men in 2 Timothy 3:13 as _____.
A.   Becoming worse and worse
B.   Deceiving others
C.   Being deceived
D.   All of the above

94  What shall Jesus do at His appearing? (4:1)
A.   Judge
B.   Flood the earth
C.   Forgive sinners
D.   None of the above

95  Who besides Paul will get a crown of righteousness? (4:8)
A.   Timothy and Paul’s other helpers
B.   All the apostles
C.   Those who love Christ’s appearing
D.   Martyrs

96  Who had forsaken Paul; because he loved the present world? (4:10)
A.   Titus
B.   Mark
C.   Onesiphorus
D.   Demas

97  Who is with Paul? (4:11)
A.   Titus
B.   Crescens
C.   Luke
D.   Aquila and Prisca

98  Who did much evil to Paul? (4:14)
A.   Alexander the coppersmith
B.   Brutus the basket weaver
C.   Aquila the tentmaker
D.   Demas the deserter

99  Twice Paul instructs Timothy to come ______. (4:9, 21)
A.   Next month
B.   Diligently
C.   Secretly
D.   Before Spring

100        Paul closes with a prayer: The Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. ______________. Amen. (4:22)
A.   Greet those who love us in the faith.
B.   The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
C.   The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
D.   Grace be with you.

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