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2012 Bible Bee- Kick-off Practice Questions

1      The Greek words dioko and diogmos are translated ________ in 2 Timothy.
A.   Hate
B.    Judgment
C.   Persecute
D.   Diligence

2      The definition for the word persecute is ______.
A.   Encouraged of the Lord.
B.    To be teased.
C.   To pursue, prosecute with repeated acts of enmity.
D.   Both B and C.

3      God’s Word is very important in Psalm 119:9 we learn Scripture
A.   Is eternal
B.    Is truth
C.   Does not return void
D.   Cleanses

4      Isaiah 55:11, tells us that God’s Word
A.   Is eternal
B.    Is truth
C.   Does not return void
D.   Cleanses

5      John 17:17, tells us that God’s Word
A.   Is eternal
B.    Is truth
C.   Does not return void
D.   Cleanses

6      John 5:39-40, tells us that God’s Word
A.   Is eternal
B.    Is truth
C.   Does not return void
D.   Cleanses

7      God’s Word is compared to a sword in Hebrews 4:12 because it is____
A.   Sharp
B.    Pierces
C.   Powerful
D.   All of the above

8      There are several phrases for Scripture in 2 Timothy. In chapter 1, verse 13 the phrase is__________.
A.   Testimonies
B.    Law of God
C.   Covenant
D.   Sound words

9      In 2 Timothy 1:13 we learn we should __________ God’s Word.
A.   Sing
B.    Hold fast
C.   Share
D.   Write

10  Paul states in 2 Timothy 2:8-9, that God’s Word is not hindered by _________.
A.   Gossip
B.    Nero
C.   Bonds
D.   Phygellus

11  What is the key word used to describe God’s Word in 2 Timothy 2:15?
A.   Inspired
B.    Holy
C.   Sound
D.   Truth

12  What is to be done with the Scripture in 2 Timothy 4:2?
A.   Preached
B.    Hidden
C.   Protected
D.   Taught

13  The Greek word graphe is translated:
A.   Writer
B.    Scripture
C.   Design
D.   None of the above

14  From 2 Timothy 3:16-17 we learn Scripture is profitable or useful in our lives for:
A.   Gaining riches
B.    Impressing others
C.   Preparing to do good works
D.   None of the above

15  Who inspired Scripture?
A.   God
B.    Jesus
C.   Holy Spirit
D.   The individual writer

16  How much Scripture is inspired?
A.   Only the doctrinal parts
B.    All
C.   All but the allegorical parts
D.   Only the New Testament

17  We learned that godly men are ___________.
A.   Long-suffering
B.    Patient
C.   Persecuted
D.   All of the above

18  We learned that men of self are ___________
A.   Lead others into sin
B.    Obey their masters
C.   Live by the law
D.   Avoid mischief

19  When someone is disobedient to their parents, according to 2 Timothy 3:2, they ____________
A.   Are wiser than their parents.
B.    Despise wickedness
C.   Love self more than God
D.   None of the above

20  Law is for the __________. (1 Timothy 1:9)
A.   Israelites
B.    Ungodly
C.   Rulers, Powers, Principalities
D.   Ministers of justice

21  Men of self love are described in 2 Timothy 3:2-5 as being:
A.   Covetous
B.    Unholy
C.   Proud
D.   All of the above

22  One of the Greek words for to know, understand is:
A.   Phileo
B.    Ginosko
C.   Doulos
D.   Grammata

23  The Greek word for “lovers” of self literally means being friends with themselves. Being their own best friend. The root word is:
A.   Agape
B.    Phileo
C.   Eros
D.   Doulos

24  How do men of God handle the Scriptures according to 2 Timothy 3:14?
A.   Continue in what they have learned
B.    Assured of the truth of the Scriptures
C.   Keeping it secret
D.   Both A and B

25  How do men of self handle the Scriptures according to 2 Timothy 3:7 and 9?
A.   Always learning
B.    Never accepting the truth
C.   Make no progress
D.   All of the above

26  For the 2012 Bible Bee we are studying the Bible book of _____.
A.   Colossians
B.    2 Timothy
C.   1 Peter
D.   2 Peter

27  Today is ____________
A.   The 4th of July
B.    Sunday
C.   Friday
D.   All of the above

28  One of our focus verse passages is ____________
A.   Matthew 5-7
B.    Ephesians 6:10-18
C.   Joshua 1:8
D.   2 Timothy 3:16-17

29  Who wrote 2 Timothy?
A.   Timothy
B.    Paul
C.   Peter
D.   Titus

30  2 Timothy was written to _________
A.   Timothy
B.    Paul
C.   Peter
D.   Titus

31  Paul wrote 2 Timothy while he was _________
A.   On a ship.
B.    In Jerusalem
C.   In prison
D.   In Ephesus

32  Paul says, he is an _______ of Jesus Christ in 2 Timothy 1:1.
A.   Slave
B.    Servant
C.   Preacher
D.   Apostle

33  Paul calls Timothy his _______ in 2 Timothy 1:2.
A.   Beloved son
B.    Servant
C.   Friend
D.   Both A and B

34  Paul was in prison in what city?
A.   Jerusalem
B.    Nicopolis
C.   Ephesus
D.   Rome

35  2 Timothy is an “Epistle,” which is a ________
A.   Email
B.    Letter
C.   Story
D.   Biography

36  How many Bible Bee verse cards are there to memorize this summer?
A.   Five (5)
B.    Twenty-five (25)
C.   One hundred (100)
D.   Three hundred (300)

37  Paul was arrested-sent to Rome the second time, from the town of _________.
A.   Ephesus
B.    Jerusalem
C.   Antioch
D.   Nicopolis

38  Who was still with Paul while he was in prison in Rome at this time?
A.   Luke
B.    Timothy
C.   Demas
D.   Titus

39  Who was the Roman Emperor at the time Paul was in prison?
A.   Augustus
B.    Octavian
C.   Julius
D.   Nero

40  It was probably ______ when Paul wrote 2 Timothy.
A.   49-51 AD
B.    52-55 AD
C.   64-66 AD
D.   1966 AD

41  Timothy was at what city?
A.   Rome
B.    Ephesus
C.   Jerusalem
D.   Corinth

42  The Bible Bee prayer model acronym is_______
B.    CATS
D.   None of the above

43  The “T” in our prayer model reminds us to offer _______ to God.
A.   Our troubles
B.    Thanksgiving
C.   Time
D.   Treasures

44  Paul says in 1 Timothy 1:3, he _______ God
A.   Praises
B.    Trusts
C.   Thanks
D.   Remembers

45  When Paul writes 2 Timothy he is
A.   A young man
B.    An old man
C.   About to die
D.   Both B and C

46  The name of the prison Paul was in is the ___________.
A.   Forum
B.    Coliseum
C.   Circus Maximus
D.   Mamertine

47  Our other Focus verse passage is ________.
A.   John 3:16-18
B.    Psalm 1
C.   1 Corinthians 9:24-27
D.   Philippians 3:7-8

48  Paul begins chapter 2 of 2 Timothy by charging Timothy to be _________.
A.   Faithful in doctrine
B.    Strong in Jesus
C.   Studious of God’s Word
D.   Considerate of widows

49  To illustrate how to endure hardness Paul us a _____ in 2 Timothy 2:3.
A.   Athlete
B.    Farmer
C.   Soldier
D.   Builder

50  Who should first partake of the harvest according to 2 Timothy 2:6?
A.   Landowner
B.    Buyer
C.   Servants
D.   Farmer

51  Who does Paul say must strive lawfully? (2 Timothy 2:5)
A.   Soldier
B.    Athlete
C.   Farmer
D.   None of the above

52  2 Timothy 2:7 Paul tells Timothy to consider and _______.
A.   Remember
B.    Think
C.   Rejoice
D.   Understand

53  Paul is chained, but ______ is not bound. 2 Timothy 2:9
A.   Timothy
B.    The church
C.   The elect
D.   The Word of God

54  The error of Hymenaeus and Philetus was _________. 2 Timothy 2:18,
A.   Saying the resurrection is past.
B.    Preaching salvation by works.
C.   Spreading bad report of Paul.
D.   All of the above.

55  If we say we are Christians we are to depart from ___________. 2 Timothy 2:19
A.   Rome
B.    Iniquity
C.   Bad friends
D.   All of the above.

56  2 Timothy 2:23 tells us foolish and unlearned questions lead to ________.
A.   Silly women
B.    Confusion
C.   Strife
D.   Error

57  We are to instruct others with _________. 2 Timothy 2:25
A.   Love
B.    Gentleness
C.   Firmness
D.   Meekness

58  What was Timothy to commit/entrust to faithful men? 2 Timothy 2:2
A.   Paul’s plans
B.    Paul’s words
C.   Paul’s books
D.   Paul’s cloak

59  We are to study so we will _________. 2 Timothy 2:15
A.   Rightly divide God’s Word
B.    Shun wrong teaching
C.   Not be ashamed
D.   All of the above

60  To flee means ____________. 2 Timothy 2:22
A.   Hide behind
B.    A little bug
C.   Get far away from
D.   None of the above

61  What are we to follow with a pure heart? 2 Timothy2:22
A.   Peace
B.    Faith
C.   Righteousness
D.   All of the above

62  Where does the good soldier get his strength? 2 Timothy 2:1 and Ephesians 6:10
A.   His armor
B.    Lord Jesus
C.   Prayer
D.   Fellow believers

63  Soldiers fight for a kingdom. Where is our “kingdom.”? John 18:36
A.   USA
B.    Wyoming
C.   Heaven
D.   All of the above

64  To have faith in Christ means ___________
A.   Firm and confiding belief in Christ
B.    We think there is a God.
C.   Rely on Christ for salvation
D.   Both a and c

65  Paul says in 2 Timothy 4:7 ___________________ constitutes a “good fight” or a “finished course.”
A.   Keeping the faith
B.    Avoiding jail
C.   Being ashamed of Paul
D.   Rejoicing in trials

66  What is Jesus’ part in our faith?
A.   Author
B.    Finisher
C.   Tester
D.   Both a and b

67  1 Peter 5:18-10 exhorts us to be sober, vigilant because _____ is testing our faith.
A.   Trials
B.    Satan
C.   Persecutors
D.   Both a and c

68  Romans 3:28 explains how a man is saved.
A.   By works
B.    By being better than others
C.   Justified by faith
D.   Obeying the Ten Commandments

69  Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel, even when it meant prison. The opposite of being ashamed is to ________.
A.   Rejoice
B.    Be sorry
C.   Withdraw
D.   None of the above

70  Instead of being ashamed of Christ in Luke 9:23, we are told to ________.
A.   Fight for Christ
B.    Follow Christ
C.   Go to the ends of the earth
D.   Live a quiet life

71  In 2 Timothy chapter 1, we learned God gives us _________.
A.   Grace
B.    Mercy
C.   Peace
D.   All of the above

72  What promise is found in Jesus? 2 Timothy 1:1
A.   Riches
B.    Life
C.   Health
D.   All of the above

59 In Psalm 139 there are many words for Scripture. Which word is not one of the words used?
  1. Tablet
  2. Judgments
  3. Testimonies
  4. Precepts

73  What is the definition of truth?
A.   The absence of a lie
B.    Conformity to fact or reality
C.   Lack of deceit or falseness
D.   None of the above

74  In 2 Timothy 2:12 we read that persecution comes to ______
A.   Those who become preachers and missionaries
B.    Those who live godly
C.   Those who desire to live godly
D.   Christians living in the Roman Empire

75  In 2 Timothy 2: 10-11, Paul reminds Timothy that Timothy had followed Paul in _____________.
A.   Fleeing youthful lusts
B.    Doctrine
C.   Peace
D.   Honor

76  Athletes should ________ according to 1 Corinthians 9:24.
A.   Run to win
B.    Eat healthy
C.   Tie his shoes
D.   Be competitive

77  Hebrews 12:1-2 encourages us to ___________
A.   Pray hard
B.    Listen carefully
C.   Get rid of “baggage”
D.   Remember

78  An athlete is ____________
A.   Someone who is physically strong
B.    Anyone trained to contend in exercises requiring great physical agility and strength
C.   Someone who likes to throw, hit, kick or catch a ball
D.   Anyone who has ever played on a sports team

79  A farmer/husbandman is ___________.
A.   Anyone who digs in the soil.
B.    Someone who plants seeds
C.   Someone who cares for animals
D.   One who is devoted to the tilling of the soil.

80  A farmer must work faithfully and be diligent according to _______.
A.   Proverbs 24:30-34
B.    Proverbs 28:19
C.   Psalm 139
D.   Both A and B

81  Ultimately why should we work hard? (Colossians 3:22-24)
A.   All we do should be in love and gratitude to the Lord
B.    To earn more crowns
C.   To keep us out of trouble
D.   Both A and B

82  The Greek word kurios means:
A.   Lord
B.    Supreme in authority
C.   Suffer
D.   Both A and B

83  In Genesis 22:14, God saw. We call this attribute of God seeing/knowing all ___________.
A.   Foreknowledge
B.    Omniscience
C.   Predestination
D.   Wisdom

84  Isaiah 12:2 says, God is my salvation, strength, and _______.
A.   Hope
B.    Peace
C.   Song
D.   Deliverer

85  In Isaiah 26:4, we are told the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength. What do we call this attribute?
A.   Eternal
B.    Omnipresence
C.   Soteriology
D.   Omnipotent

86  The Greek word pascho is translated ______.
A.   Teach
B.    Suffer
C.   Study
D.   Both A and C

87  To afflict is ___________
A.   To trouble
B.    To tease
C.   To know
D.   Both A and B

88  To suffer is ______________
A.   To be afflicted
B.    To be vexed
C.   To trouble
D.   All of the above

89  Paul reminds Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:8, that it is worth suffering for _________.
A.   Freedom from Rome
B.    The Gospel
C.   The Temple
D.   All of the above

90  Paul was not ashamed to suffer, because he was ______. (2 Timothy 1:12)
A.   Firm in his faith
B.    Had no other choice
C.   Not alone
D.   Both A and B

91  Being a good a good soldier includes _________ (2 Timothy 2:3)
A.   Good pay (rewards)
B.    Suffering
C.   Long walks
D.   Having weapons

92  Philippians 1:27-30 teaches ________________.
A.   That Christ holds the world together
B.    To rejoice in the Lord
C.   It is an honor to suffer for Christ
D.   We can have confidence in our flesh

93  A “pleasure lover” (2 Timothy 3:4) is someone who
A.   Is devoted to worldly pleasures
B.    Likes to go to pleasure parks, outings and such
C.   Takes pleasure in our beautiful world
D.   Does not work

94  Where was Iconium located? (2 Timothy 3:11)
A.   Just outside the city walls of Rome
B.    In Israel
C.   Macedonia
D.   Modern day Turkey

95  “Men of self” not only are waxing worse according to 2 Timothy 3:13. They _____________.
A.   Deceive others
B.    Are becoming wealthy
C.   Will become mighty leaders
D.   None of the above

96  Who was Jannes and Jambres? (2 Timothy 3)
A.   Brothers of Moses
B.    Priests under Moses
C.   Two of the 12 spies
D.   We don’t know

97  According to 2 Timothy 2:1-2, we can tell we are nearing the last days when ______.
A.   The sun stops shining
B.    It is perilous times
C.   Israel becomes a nation
D.   The Denver Broncos win the Superbowl

98  Men often ignore, choosing to not believe God’s Word. In 2 Peter 3:3-10 we are told they ignore truth about __________.
A.   Creation
B.    The Flood
C.   God’s promises
D.   All of the above

99  Peter said the Lord is long-suffering in 2 Peter 3:3-10. What reason did he give for this?
A.   God has to wait until anti-christ appears
B.    God is not judgmental, He is just love
C.   God does not want anyone to perish
D.   None of the above

100        What is a sign of the last days in 2 Peter 3:3-10?
A.   One world government
B.    There will be scoffers
C.   Israel will be a nation again
D.   All of the above

101        Who is one of Jesus’ forefathers? (2 Timothy 2)
A.   Moses
B.    Judah
C.   David
D.   None of the above

102        In 2 Timothy 2 we are to present ourselves to God as _______
A.   A babe
B.    A mature Christian
C.   His servant
D.   None of the above

103        In 2 Timothy 2:9m what word is paired with suffering?
A.   Patience
B.    Long-suffering
C.   Honor
D.   Trouble

104        If we believe on Christ according to Philippians 1:27-30 we will also ____________.
A.   Suffer for His sake
B.    Rejoice always
C.   Be known as His disciples
D.   Both A and B

105        Christ suffered for what reason according to Luke 24:46-47?
A.   Breaking Roman law
B.    Arguing with the Pharisees
C.   Teaching about the resurrection
D.   None of the above

106        In 2 Timothy 3:11, who suffered?
A.   Timothy
B.    Paul
C.   Moses
D.   Jambres

107        It is worth suffering for ________. (2 Timothy 1:8)
A.   Sin
B.    The Gospel
C.   The Lord
D.   Both A and B

108        A good soldier will _______ suffering. (2 Timothy 2:3)
A.   Fight
B.    Avoid
C.   Endure
D.   Cause

109        Paul urged Timothy to do what about suffering in 2 Timothy 1:8?
A.   Fight against
B.    Avoid causing
C.   Participate in
D.   None of the above

110        To be vexed, afflicted are synonyms of _______.
A.   Persecute
B.    Passion
C.   Suffer
D.   None of the above

111        Luke 1:16-17, tells us about John the Baptist’s ministry. How did his ministry prepare people for the Lord?
A.   Hearts were changed
B.    He gave them a good entertainment
C.   He told people time and place to meet the Messiah
D.   It didn’t prepare people for the Lord

112        God has the power to _______ according to Romans 4:8
A.   Create the world
B.    Forgive sins
C.   Provide all our needs
D.   Protect us

113        A farmer/husbandman is:
A.   Makes hay for animals
B.    One who is devoted to the tillage of soil
C.   Oversees livestock
D.   None of the above

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