Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

We've always tried to emphasize expressing thankfulness during the Thanksgiving season.

When our children were young we lived in a single-wide mobile home. Not alot of room! I would cut out a brown paper bag tree trunk and branches and tape it to a door or wall. We also cut out large leaves of construction paper. Everyone who came to our house during this season was encouraged to list something they were thankful for on a leaf and we would put it on the tree.

Now we have room for a bit more realistic "tree."

Here are the makings:

Coffee Can–I hold the "tree" in place with pebbles or gravel.

Branch from a bush or tree

Die-cut leaves–punch and put a string through to hang on "tree."

Wrapping the coffee can in some Fall fabric and tying with raffia or a ribbon will make it more decorative.

Either place the blank leaves with the "tree" or put one at each place setting.

Please share your family's  way of expressing thankfulness during the Thanksgiving season!

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Anonymous said...

We do this and I love looking back at the lanful leaves from the past.We also always have the same food and as my children have grown each have perfected a special side dish that they fix for the meal.We watch the parade and meet at the park to play football with friends.