Friday, September 17, 2010

Simple Fall Decorating

Crisp cool evenings…

Bright colored leaves…

Spicy smells of harvests being stored away…

How do you bring these scents and sensations into your home?

Here are some very simple Fall decorating ideas:

• Tie your cornstalks together with a wide outdoor ribbon and place in the front yard.

• Fill a vase with dry bean mix.

• Use the dry bean mix to create a candle ring. Glue eyelet or color coordinating lace around a cardboard circle's edge. Mix your dry bean mix with white glue or Mod Podge till it is all wet. Mound on your cardboard to make a donought shaped ring to hold your candle. Add a bow at the edge on your eyelet if you desire.

• Fill a basket or in this case a metal candle holder with silk autumn leaves.

• Add a real or fake pumpkin/squash in some unexpected corners.

• Put out a basket of nuts with nutcracker and picks for all to enjoy.

Want to share your simple Fall decorations?

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