Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hondo (Puppy) Cake

Does this cake have a story! 
Hondo Cake

Granddaughter #2 was turning two. She loves her Uncle and Aunt's puppy–Hondo. We thought us gals could make a Hondo cake while the guys were at a guy event.

I baked the cake–a Wilton Lamb pan the night before. It had almost 24 hours to cool and set-up. We crumb coated the cake in white and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then I started to put on the white "fur." I started with the front of the face. When dear dil started to put on the chocolate, er brown "fur," she said, "The head is leaning." As she preceded she said, "The head is leaning more." (On the cake pan the head is turned to look over the right shoulder.

Reinforcing the strength of the neck seemed like the thing to do. I inserted several straws, at various angles. Oh, no. It isn't helping! We're going to loose his head.

Solution–Off with his head! We cut his head off and set it aside. We trimmed 4 sucker sticks to size, to act as pillars to hold his head. Then we glued his head with frosting on a flat canning jar lid. We filled the area with the sucker sticks with frosting and set the head, looking slightly more forward, on its platter back on the cake. It worked. We hid everything with frosting.

Two year was excited and loved her "Hondo" cake!

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