Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last week we traveled to dear friends in Columbia Falls. It was such a blessing to visit with them. We relaxed, talked, made cards, and picked cherries down by Flathead Lake. The U-Picks charged $1 per pound you picked for the Bings!

Clumps of Cherries-reminded us of grape clusters
Picking from the ground.

We also got a few Rainer Cherries.

Total of about 120 pounds!

The dehydrator has been going non-stop since Sunday. Dried Flathead Cherries are hard to beat!! Wash them, pit them, lay them out on dehydrator trays and 12 hours later they are ready to bag up. Just beware of the juice while pitting–your hands will turn black. I wear latex gloves while pitting the cherries.

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