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2010 Bible Bee-Junior/July

July's Junior Level Practice Questions follow:

1. (Fill in the blank) Psalms 51:1 “Have mercy upon me O God, according to Your _______________; according to the multitude of Your tender mercies.
    A: Compassion
    B: Goodness / Tenderness
    C: Lovingkindness / Unfailing love
    D: Kindness

2. Fill in the Blank Psalms 51:2 “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and ___________ me from my sin.” or “Wash away all my iniquity and ________  me from my sin.”
    A: Scrub
    B: Cleanse
    C: Wash
    D: Purge

3. Fill in the Blank Psalms 51:3 “ For I ______________ my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.
    A: Understand
    B: Acknowledge
    C: Know
    D: See

2. Fill in the blank “ the man who loves his ______ will Lose it.
    A: Soul
    B: Home
    C: Life
    D: Treasure

3. What does Paul pray that the Colossians would be filled with?
    A: The knowledge of His will
    B: The knowledge to build a new city
    C: The Knowledge of how to grow plants
    D: The knowledge of where he is.
4. Who does God want us to please?
    A: Ourselves
    B: Him
    C: Chickens
    D: Others

5. What other book is Paul the Author of?
    A: Samuel
    B: Ephesians
    C: Proverbs
    D: Matthew

6. What is the Reference to this verse “ I can do everything through him who gives me strength”
    A: Philippians 4:13
    B: Ephesians 4:12
    C: Philippians 4:14
    D: Philemon 12 and 13

7. What is one of the most exciting steps in inductive Bible study?
    A: Memorizing
    B: Word studies
    C: Reciting
    D: Making lists

8. God has delivered us from?
    A: Trees
    B: Darkness
    C: Drifting
    D: Over-eating

9. Fill In the Blank “ Follow my example, as I _________ the example of Christ” 1 Corinthians 11:1
    A: Follow
    B: Reach
    C: Succeed
    D: Teach
10. You want to be someone who is worth
following like Paul, So you should choose to
be what?
    A: Like everyone else
    B: Different
    C: How ever you want to act
    D: Both A and C

11. We should always choose to stand for?
    A: Who ever is in charge
    B: Who ever looks cool
    C: Christ
    D: Self

12. Fruit, or true righteousness, grows from?
    A: Your heart
    B: Some from a tree, Some from a bush
    C: I am not sure
    D: Doing what you think is right

13. God’s secrets are for those who seek after Him in?
    A: The world
    B: His word
    C: Recreation
    D: In meditation

14. What is a game with a answer-and-question format?
    A: Uno
    B: Monopoly
    C: Jeopardy
    D: Tic-tack-toe

15. Paul prays for the Colossians, asking God to fill them with the knowledge of His will, through all spiritual wisdom and understanding, that they would be able to fully live for?
    A: Themselves
    B: God
    C: Others
    D: Paul

16. Fill in the Blanks “  ___________ with all               __________ according to His glorious power/might,” Colossians 1:11
    A: Strengthened - Power
    B: Power - Strengthened
    C: Equipped - Ability
    D: Strengthened - Might

17. What is the reference to this verse “ For from Him and through Him and to Him are all thing. To Him be glory forever! Amen.
    A: Ephesians 1:17-20
    B: Philippians 4 :13
    C: Romans 11:36
    D: None of the above

18. God’s Plan for us is to bear His what?
    A: Image
    B: Burdens
    C: Weight
    D: All of the above

19. Who was the book Of Colossians Written to way back then?
    A: The Colossians
    B: The Corinthians
    C: You
    D: Both A and C

20. Linking verses from one part of the Bible to an other is called what?
    A: Finding the same verse in two parts of the Bible
    B: An Encyclopedia
    C: Cross Referencing
    D: A Concordance

21. The more you identify with Paul and follow him, the more you will become like?
    A: Paul
    B: God
    C: Adam
    D: Timothy

22. God wants us to ________ Him
    A: Adore
    B: Reach Out
    C: Please
    D: Both A and C

23. If you don’t understand something about your daily Bible study you should?
    A: Keep Quite
    B: Ask LOTS of questions
    C: See how long it takes someone to notice?
    D: Both A and C

24. Just because we believe something in our head doesn’t mean we believe it in our?
    A: Minds
    B: Hearts
    C: Attitudes
    D: All of the above

25.  Rule followers are not necessarily ________ Followers
    A: Mom
    B: Good
    C: Christ
    D: None of the above

26. Did Paul Pray for the Colossians?
    A: Yes
    B: Sometimes
    C: No
    D: Maybe

27 . In the game of Jeopardy, players are presented with answers, then they must reply with what?
    A: An answer
    B: A Question
    C: Nothing they just see who can stand there the longest
    D: A Quote

28. Does God want us to pray?
    A: Only at bed time
    B: All the time God cares and wants to hear everything
    C: Only about the really cool stuff, like winning the base ball game
    D: Just at bed time and meals

29. Who should we pray for?
    A: Myself
    B: Only those I know
    C: Others I don’t know
    D: All of the above

30. Do you like Bible Bee practice?
    A: Yes
    B: Only sometimes
    C: Nope
    D: Only when we have snacks

31. In the beginning God created the:
    A: heavens and the earth
    B: heavens and the world
    C: sky and earth
    D: sky and sea

32. God made man to have dominion/rule over:
    A: his wife
    B: his wife and children
    C: the universe
    D: none of the above (Ge. 1:26-28)

33.  Who was more crafty than any other
    A: Adam
    B: Serpent
    C: Woman
    D: none of the above

34. The Lord told Abram to:
    A: Leave his country
    B: Leave his family
    C: Leave his family’s home
    D: all of the above

35. What feast became established when the Israelites were told to kill a lamb on the 10th day of this month because of God’s Judgment on Egypt.
    A: Atonement
    B: Passover
    C: Pentecost
    C: Sabbath

36. What did the Moses and the Israelites do when Pharoah and the Egyptian army was drowned in the sea?
    A: They didn’t even stop to notice.
    B: They worshipped God in song
(Ex. 15:1-3)
    C: They offered sacrifices to God.
    D: none of the above

37. The 10 spies said they  were like what bug compared to the people who then lived in the Promised Land?
    A: locust
    B. hornet
    C: ant
    D: grasshopper

38. Finish this verse: …the LORD (Himself) is God in heaven above and on the earth below/beneath…
    A: there is no other.
    B: You shall therefore keep His statutes/decrees
    C: He let you hear His voice
    D: none of the above

39. We are to love God with:
    A: heart
    B: soul
    C: strength/might
    D: all of the above

40. The Lord did not choose the Jews because they were:
    A: smarter
    B: richer
    C: more numerous
    C: all of the above

41. Who does God say He will defend/administer justice for in Deuteronomy 10:17-22?
    A: Israel
    B: Strangers
    C: Poor
    D: Fatherless and widow

42 Caleb was how old when he spied out the land?
    A: 40
    B: 50
    C: 80
    D: 84

43. According to Psalm 30:4-5, weeping lasts for how long?
    A: As long as there is sorrow
    B: Until we cry out to God
    C: For a night
    D: All of the above

44. Finish this verse: …but God is the strength of my heart and…
    A: a refuge in time of trouble
    B: a tower of strength
    C: my hope of deliverance
    D: my portion forever

45. Fill in the blank: The LORD said/says to my Lord:
    __________, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool/until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”
    A: “Sit at my right hand
    B: “You are my right hand and strength
    C:  “I will execute justice
    D: none of the above

46. Because of the men of Judah and people of Jerusalem’s evil, God said His wrath/fury would break out and ?
    A: destroy the city
    B: burn so that no one can quench it
    C: send all the people into captivity
    D: all of the above

47. Who was to go before in the spirit and power of Elijah/Elias?
    A: Zacharias
    B: Jesus
    C: John the Baptist
    D: Zechariah

48.  Paul warned the Colossians to “Beware lest any man spoil you through _________” or “See to it that no one takes you captive through_______”
    A: False teaching
    B: Wrong doctrine
    C: Moses Law
    D: Philosophy

49. What did God tell man to rule/have dominion over? (Ge. 1:26-28)
    A: His emotions
    B: His wife
    C: Any living that moves
    D: Heavens and earth

50.  In Colossians 1:13 we are told God has delivered us from?
    A: Sin
    B: Persecution
    C: False teachers
    D: The power of darkness

51. In Colossians 1:24 Paul was rejoicing in what?
    A: Getting to see Rome
    B: Timothy bringing his cloak
    C: Epaphras arriving
    D: Suffering

52. Who should always be your number one focus in your life?
    A: Yourself
    B: God   
    C: Jesus
    D: Your Parents

53 What must decrease for God to increase? (John 3:30)
    A: Our economy
    B: Your love for others
    C: Your own self importance
    D: The number of unsaved

54. What does the key word “ages” mean?
    A: How long someone lives
    B: How long something lasts
    C: Time, whether a span or continual
    D: None of the above

55. Who’s image are you created like?
    A: God
    B: Jesus
    C: Your Parent’s
    D: Your dog’s

56. According to Ephesians 5:8, you are to “walk as children of ________”
    A: God
    B: Light
    C: Darkness
    C: This earth

57. According to Colossians 1:13, What have you been delivered from?
    A: The Light
    B: Your sin
    C: The Power of Darkness
    D: Your own self

58. What forgives sin?
    A: God
    B: Light
    C: Your self
    D: The Blood of Jesus

59. In Colossians 1:15, Who is this verse describing when it says “the image of the invisible God.”?
    A: You
    B: Jesus
    C: Your parents
    D: The world

60. Colossians 1:16 talks about a creator. Who is this creator?
    A: Jesus
    B: God
    C: Holy Spirit
    D: Adam

61. Who is called the “Preeminent One”?
    A: God
    B: Adam
    C: Eve
    D: Jesus

62. What does the word “Redemption” mean?
    A: To forgive
    B: To punish
    C: To buy back
    D: To return

63. What does the word “Reconcile” mean?
    A: To bring together and restore
    B: To tear apart
    C: To forgive and forget
    D: To recede from a position

64. What does the key word “preach” mean?
    A: To proclaim
    B: To give a message on Sunday
    C: To declare
    D: Both A and C

65. What does it mean to be a “vessel of reconciliation”?
    A: To be cleansed and then used of God
    B: To be under the curse of sin
    C: To carry your own cross like Christ
    D: To be the means to buy back

66. In Romans 12:2, what are you not supposed to be conformed to?
    A: God
    B: Sin
    C: The world
    D: My friends

67. Where was Paul when he wrote the letter to the Colossians?
    A: At Home
    B: In Prison
    C: With Christ
    D: In Colossae

68. Because Paul was so willing to serve Christ, what did he even find joy in?
    A: Taking a bath
    B: Spreading the good news
    C: Suffering for Christ’s sake
    D: Being in Rome

69. Before Paul met Jesus, was his heart clean or dirty?
    A: Clean
    B: Dirty
    C: Neither
    D: Both

70. Who is called the “Firstborn”?
    A: Adam
    B: Jesus Christ
    C: The Holy Spirit
    D: The oldest son

71. What is the most important thing that is going to happen in your future?
    A: Stand before Jesus
    B: Get a job
    C: Go to heaven
    D: Get married

72. What does the key word “striving” mean?
    A: An effort
    B: To fight
    C: To race
    D: All of the above

73. What is the best way to live your life?
    A: Anyway you want
    B: Devoted to Christ
    C: Make a lot of money
    D: Very carefully

74. As you live your life what should be your goal and your focus?
    A: Money
    B: Being good
    C: You shouldn’t set goals
    D: Jesus Christ

75. When Christ died on the cross, what did it mean when Jesus said “it is finished”?
    A: The sacrifice for sin is complete
    B: Jesus died
    C: Everyone is saved
    D: The soldiers were done nailing

76. Paul was given his ministry for the benefit of_________?
    A: Himself
    B: Others
    C: Jesus
    D: No one

77. As a Christian you should always be doing what?
    A: Sinning
    B: Eating
    C: Spreading the Gospel
    D: Going to church

78. You have the “hope of glory” because of what?
    A: Jesus living in You
    B: You’ve been forgiven
    C: God said so
    D: None of the above

79. False teachers are compared to what?
    A: Birds
    B: Weeds
    C: Flowers
    D: Cows

80. Where do false teacher attack from?
    A: Inside
    B: Outside
    C: Another country
    D: They don’t attack

81. Satan is always trying to distract and harm who?
    A: God’s people
    B: Sinners
    C: Animals
    D: Both B and C

82. What is the number one thing used by false teachers?
    A: Flowers
    B: Big words
    C: Lies
    D: Music

83. What does the key word “manifest” mean?
    A: To render apparent
    B: Appear
    C: A feast that just men go to
    D: Both A and B

84. Why does Paul stress the importance of avoiding false teachers?
    A: To warn and protect the Colossians
    B: Because he wants everyone to only listen to him
    C: Because he was the Apostle
    D: Both B and C

85. Why does Paul pray that the Colossians will be “filled with knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and understanding?
    A: So that they will make a lot of money
    B: So that they will be happy
    C: So that they will see and stay away from false teachers
    D: Both A and B

86. What does the key word “afflictions” mean?
    A: Anguish, burdened, persecution, tribulation, trouble
    B: Thankful, grateful, appreciative
    C: Full of love
    D: Full of sorrow

87. Did Paul have struggles as he spread the Gospel?
    A: No, never
    B: Sometimes
    C: Yes
    D: None of the above

88. What should every Christian have their faith based on?
    A: Yourself
    B: Your good works
    C: Jesus Christ
    D: What your Pastor says

89. Who should you always look to when you need wisdom?
    A: Yourself
    B: your parents
    C: Your Pastor
    D: God

90. Where can you find the greatest source of wisdom?
    A: In heaven
    B: From your parents
    C: From God
    D: From your friends

91. What was Paul warning the Colossians not to do?
    A: Turn away from Jesus
    B: Stop sinning
    C: Turn away from false teachers
    D: Buy meat offered to idols

92. As a Christian, should you be following Paul’s example?
    A: No
    B: Maybe
    C: Yes
    D: None of the above

93. Paul warns the Colossians not to follow every piece of _______ that they hear.
    A: Truth
    B: Doctrine
    C: Scripture
    D: News

94. The city of Colossae was near what?
    A: A river
    B: A desert
    C: A mountain
    D: Both A and C

95. How much false doctrine is in the world
    A: A little
    B: A lot
    C: Everything is false
    D: True/False is determined by the
96. What treasure do you have that the Colossians had too?
    A: Money
    B: Gospel
    C: Food
    D: Love

97. What does the key word “warning/admonishing” mean?
    A: To put to mind, to caution
    B: Look out
    C: Take a careful look
    D: None of the above

98. Our faith in Jesus is based on doctrine that comes from where?
    A: Scripture
    B: Your parents
    C: The encyclopedia
    D: Your Sunday School teacher

99. You should always accept the Scriptures as truth.  What should you never do?
    A: Read it
    B: Study it
    C: Compare with other writings
    D: Put other books above the Bible

100. If something is 1% false and 99% true, is it______?
    A: True teaching
    B: False teaching
    C: Both A and B
    D: Both B and C

101. If a certain teaching is based on human rules and NOT scripture rules, is it good to follow?
    A: Yes
    B: No
    C: It depends (does it go AGAINST
    D: Both A and B

102. According to Colossians 2:6, you should receive Christ and then what?
    A: Walk in Him
    B: Deny your cross
    C: Obey your parents
    D: Join a church

103. When someone becomes saved, that person is released from the chains of______?
    A: Hell
    B: Your parents
    C: Sin
    D: None of the above

104. Was Paul ever tempted to sin?
    A: Yes
    B: No
    C: Never
    D: None of the above

105. Will you ever be tempted to sin?
    A: No
    B: Never
    C: Yes
    D: None of the above

106. How should you look at sin?
    A: As something good
    B: As something bad
    C: Sin doesn’t exist
    D: As something to buy

107. Who makes it so that you are free from sin?
    A: You
    B: Jesus
    C: Holy Spirit
    D: Paul

108. In Colossians 2:2 and 4:3 Paul wants others to know the mystery of God, which is:
    A: About to be solved.
    B: Why he’s in chains.
    C: Christ.
    D: In secret code.

109. What is better than gold or silver?
    A: Rubies and precious stones.
    B: Wisdom and knowledge.
    C: The way to Heaven
    D: Fame.

110. Where is this type of treasure hidden?
    A: Under Your bed.
    B: On a tropical island.
    C: In Christ.
    D: In getting a good eduction.

111. In Colossians 2:5 Paul’s glad everything is so:
    A: Clean.
    B: Orderly.
    C: Regulated.
    D: Finished.

112. What should we be overflowing with?
    A: Complaints.
    B: Compliments.
    C: Thankfulness.
    D: Craziness.

113. Paul tells the Colossians to not let what take them captive?
    A: The Romans.
    B: False, hollow teachings.
    C: Knowledge.
    D: Wealth.

114. Paul warns them about this so they won’t be deceived by:
    A: Fine-sounding arguments.
    B: Traveling salesmen.
    C: TV ads.
    D: Silly women

115. In Colossians 2:14 and 1 Pet. 2:24, what did God do with our sin?
    A: Paid for it; got rid of it.
    B: Placed it on others, not caring who.
    C: Took it away, nailing it on the cross;             bore it in His body.
    D: Both A and B.

116. What does the word “grace” mean in Colossians 1:2
    A: Divine influence on the heart
    B: Divine influence on the mind
    C: Divine influence on the body
    D: Divine influence on the church

117. What does the word “faith” mean in
Colossians 1:4?
    A: Trust
    B: Be persuaded, belief
    C: Being a Christian
    D: Knowing Jesus

118. What does Paul say the recipients will do
according to Colossians 3:4?
    A: Go to church in Epaphras’s’ house
    B: Sing songs and spiritual songs
    C: Give thanks to God for everything
    D: Appear with Him in glory

119. What was the Collosae church to do
according to Colossians 3:24?
    A: Give to the missionaries
    B: Serve the Lord
    C: Obey God’s commands
    D: “die” to the world

120. What is one of the main focuses of
Colossians 1:13-23?
    A: Who Jesus is
    B: Creation
    C: The Gospel
    D: Prayer

121. What is the price for sin?
    A: Discipline
    B: A candy bar
    C: Death
    D: Nothing

122. What does “preeminent” mean?
    A: Someone who rules over us
    B: Someone who ruled in the Old Testament
    C: Someone who was the ruler in Clossae
    D: Someone who rules over all and ranks above all.

123. According to Colossians 1:12-13 once rescued from evil, we are saints in:
    A: Heaven
    B: The Light
    C: Jesus
    D: Angels

124. Colossians 1:13 describes salvation as:
    A: Jesus’ blood redeeming us
    B: Us asking God to forgive our sins
    C: The Father having delivered us from the power of darkness
    D: Doing everything we can to be “good”

125. Colossians 1:14 states that we have
 redemption and forgiveness by:
    A: His mercy
    B: His blood
    C: His love
    D: His wrath

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