Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Did You Do Today?

Just for fun...Here is what I've done or is on the agenda for today.

Fix breakfast: Biscuits, Gourmet Scrambled Eggs, Granola, Bananas, Orange Juice


Bible and Piano

Made 2 pints of yogurt and hung yogurt up to make yogurt cheese for dip.

Move sprinklers

Work on altering some clothes-two different sessions

Work in Garden-hoe weeds, put string up for peas, and spray Pyola for pests. Admire the Raspberry blooms!

Move sprinklers

Quilt and lunch-do dishes

Work on pictures to post on blog

Move sprinklers

Work on Bible Bee-getting ready for July Practice

Work on an article for a  newsletter

Dinner-which will probably be left-overs and a huge green salad

Move sprinklers

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