Friday, April 9, 2010

The Girls Out Number the Boys!

Having four sons means the guys have always outnumbered me, the only female. When son #2 married last fall, girls and guys were even. The reason I wasn't posting at the end of March was…we were preparing for another wedding. Son #3 was married at the end of March making the Munger Mob to have 5 guys and count them 6 gals! Now dear daughter-in-law #1 is expecting so it will soon change. But we are enjoying all these girls!

Dear son #3  at 5:00 am knocked on our bedroom door to let us know he had been puking and etc. since 3:00. By the time I left at 7 something to finish the groom's cakes at the church he was established on our bathroom floor moaning, "I don't feel good."

Bride and Flower Girl-granddaughter #1

Everyone proceeded to get things ready, but the groom was not getting better. They placed both a rocking chair and a stool on the platform so he would have a way to rest. A container and water was brought to the front in case they were needed. To stall for time there was congregational singing of hymns. The groom was gotten ready and the ceremony began.

Mr. Wonderful gives the opening prayer of blessing.

The groom awaits his bride.

The Kiss.

He made it through and they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. The bride did great!

The Cakes. The groom is a farrier, so the groom's cakes were horseshoes. And yes that is barbed wire around the wedding cake.

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