Thursday, October 1, 2009

Garden to Mud

It may be happening. Today we woke up to the beginning of a slow rain/snow mix.

Thankfully, I dug the last of the beets yesterday. What about all those carrots I needed to dig? Well I've brought in about half. I have a gallon bag of carrots in the upstairs fridge plus a container of fixed carrots to snack on. Then, downstairs there are 4 gallon bags of carrots. And I think I've given away the equivalent of about 4 more gallon bags. Oh, yes and I made carrot cake last week-end.

If the mud does come, I've just carrots, alittle lettuce, and onions to get out. Actually both carrots and onions have been known to survive the winter here. But I would like to get the onions out for use this winter.

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