Monday, May 18, 2009

Victorian Tea Tables

There were nine round tables uniquely and beautifully decorated. Everything from teapots, flowers, dolls, tea sets, and candles. Each table was decorated by a different lady or group of ladies acting as the hostess for their table. As a result the tables were wonderful.

Many ladies used fabric napkins. Adding a luxurious touch. As hostess they brought anything to their table needed from the kitchen, such as hot water for their tea. Everyone had a "real" teacup to use. Some purchased cups, some brought their own, and many of the hostesses brought extras. The younger girls loved being considered special enough to use a real teacup.

Each person's placecard was at her place setting. Because Lady Jayne included table etiquette in her presentation on being a lady, each place setting included plate, teacup, and silverware so attendees could visualize her explanation. We simply took our plate with us to the food buffet tables when it was time to eat.

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