Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beat the Clock

According to ALL the gardening books and catalogs we should enjoy a 90 day growing season. Reality is closer to 60 days between frosts. Once the ground thaws and dries it is a race to get the seeds and seedlings in as quickly as possible; always chancing their death by the appearance of another frigid night.

The potatoes and peas are in the ground. A few broccoli transplants are surrounded by black landscape fabric to help keep down the weeds while I work on getting the rest of the seeds in. Daily the onion transplants in the garden and those waiting to be planted must get a drink of water. Yesterday the first of the carrot seeds were planted. About 15 square feet. That is only about 1/4 of the package.

The most delightful thought is that tonight I should be able to finish rototilling the last of the garden until it is time to plant tomatoes, beans, and corn in June. By then the potatoes should be up and I can start hilling. The rototiller makes it so much easier.

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