Thursday, May 14, 2009

VIctorian Tea Program

Our program for the Victorian Tea was on light weight cardstock and tied with a organza ribbon.

The front was the Tea's schedule. The ladies signed-in, had their "likeness taken" (picture), and ha a few minutes to play "What Is It?" "What Is It?" was a table with about 30 different numbered antique and old items to try and identify. When they signed in they received an envelope with the program, a slip of paper for "What Is It?", a page listing resource books on modesty, femininity, and manners and their placecards. We took the placecards and assigned them their table to sit at. If they had bought a teacup, their placecard was put with the style of teacup they purchased.

Our teacups came from Roses and Teacups. They were wonderful to work with! Check them out at

Our menu was delicious and the food was beautifully displayed. Different ladies had signed-up to bring the food. When they signed-up there was a tag with a ribbon listing the Tea's time and place and what they had volunteered to bring to take home as a reminder.

The older girls and ladies attended classes while the younger girls had crafts to do with their mother or grandmother.

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