Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Night Away

Some dear ones gave Mr. Wonderful and me a gift certificate to the Black Swan Inn in Pocatello, Idaho. It has rooms decorated in different themes. Mr. Wonderful and I went last week. Here I am out front of the Inn.

We had the Romeo and Juliet Room. So it was decorated with a suit of armour, castle scenes and knights on the walls.

The bed was upstairs in a balcony over the tub.

Included with the room rental was snacks, breakfast selections, XM radio, and even DVD you could get from the office.

When Mr. Wonderful took the suitcase out the next morning, he returned and said "We've been got!" Our kids had stopped by and decorated our car with hearts and Honk we're in love.

It was so different, it made you feel you had truly gotten away.

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