Monday, April 27, 2009

A Victorian Tea Party

Saturday, May 2nd we are having A Victorian Tea Party for all the ladies at our church (and friends). Last fall the decision was made to have the party with the theme verse of 1 John 4:19, We love Him because He first loved us. When you have all those months to be thinking about the party, you come up with a zillion ideas. Thankfully I have a wonderful group of ladies to help sort through all the ideas and to accomplish the ones decided upon. We were not planning to just have a party. The objective is to encourage all the ladies to demostrate love to God and others by becoming the lady He designed us to be. And we all know that we need help and encouragment in this area.

We waited until May for many of our snowbirds to return. We love having older women in our church. But we planned crafts and activities for the little ladies (young girls), so they will have fun at the Tea Party. They will be making silhouttes, a Mother's Day Card, learning how to set a table, decorating cupcakes, and playing old-fashioned parlor and singing games. For the young ladies and older ladies we have mini-classes of 10-20 minutes each on the following subjects: Hair Care (taught by a Salon owner), Nail Care (how to do it yourself), Skin Care and Make-up (by a Mary Kay rep), and Modesty (by two of the young ladies).

Before we eat, while everyone is together, we will have some special and group music, a speaker sharing on our theme, and Lady Jayne. Jayne is one of the women in our church who is sharing and showing us how to deport oneself like a lady and how a lady serves tea.

Everyone is encouraged to dress-up, including a hat if you have one. We have some contests instead of games. There are hat contests, a contest of identifying some antique items, which grandmother has the most granddaughters, table decorating-we asked ladies to volunteer to decorate and hostess a table hoping to get some beautifully decorated tables and no one person has to do it all, and for the younger ladies they are encouraged to bring their baby or American Girl type dolls and there is a prize for the best dressed.

If I was more blog savvy I would post the invitation, sign-up ideas, and posters. I will try to include some pictures and more details!

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Valencia said...

Sounds like a beautiful idea! I need to give this a try for my little ones.