Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

The snow is going! It has been "spring-like" here for almost four days. I've almost raked 1/3 of the yard, weeded, cleaned-up, and trimmed the flower bed by our front porch, and planted some parsley seeds at one of the flower bed. The daffodils are even starting to send up blooms.

The seeds I started in the basement are up and coming. So far there are broccoli, lettuce, basil and a few tomatoes up. The challenge will be to keep them growing until it is time to put them out.

It honestly feels like May here. And it is nice to go outside without a heavy coat. I even ate my lunch outside yesterday sitting on some rocks. I know we will probably get some more snow or cold rain. The mud season is not really over yet. But living in Wyoming you take every spring day you can get and enjoy it.

A fun picture book to read with pre-schoolers is *It's Spring* by Linda Glaser.

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