Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Slow to Go Snow

The snow is slow leaving this year. The grass is just starting to show in a few places. This means the garden still has a foot of snow in it. And they are calling for more snow this week. Even the daffodils aren't poking their green tips up through the wet soil yet. I seem to be getting more behind rather than caught up when it comes to what I should be doing getting ready to garden this summer.

Ever little bit I get done does help. Last week-end I did get some containers washed with bleach water. So hopefully this week I can get some seeds started. I have also been reading some gardening books: The Veggie Gardener’s Answer Book and The Seed-Starter’s Handbook.

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Lisa said...

I've started taking the snow into my own hands. My husband blows it off the walks, driveway, etc. Then when it gets about 32, I shovel it off the beds that line pavement so that it melts away. My neighbors think I'm nuts...and I guess I am. Crazy about my garden! Hope your snow goes soon, too.