Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Advice to a young mom

It is so easy for a mom with young children to loose sight of the future goal for her children in the busyness of tending young children.

Keep your goal in mind when dealing with your children. What vision has God given you for that child? Should it distress you when your four-year-old acts like a four year old?

Do you want a little boy who never embarrasses you? Or do you want a godly man serving the Lord? Children will act like children and it is your job to help them grow to not act like children when adults. Paul said he put off childish things.

The goal is not just to get your two-year-old to sit quietly in church. The goal is to help your two-year-old know that church is important and we are here to worship God and they are able to worship God also, by singing and paying attention.

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I like to say Character Before Academics. It is so important that we focus on the "why" when it comes to character. I am always asking my children when they behave or misbehave. "What does the Bible say about that?". "Who are you serving right now".

I also need to remember that my children are still on the assembly line. They are not finished products. They are growing and maturing just as I am.