Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feminine Appeal, chapter 7, The Rewards of Kindness

Facilitating a home-school mother’s panel organized for new home-school moms one evening I had mixed emotions when one of the new moms confessed that someone told her, “She couldn’t home-school, she yelled at her children.” My mixed emotions were caused by the frustration of women to always think the other woman has it all together–she is Mrs. Perfect and the fact that we all do the things we don’t want to do, as Paul says in Romans 7, because we are ALL sinners. Now I’m not condoning yelling at your children, but we need to realize our need for God’s grace to get through the day and night. He does tell us to be kind; which means He does give the ability.

Carolyn exposes three sins that hinder our desire for our family’s happiness and she gives five activities to encourage our family’s happiness.

Being kind and looking out for your family’s happiness will require sacrifice of self. It will require giving up one’s own plans, pleasures, and preferences for others. Often the sacrifice will not even be noticed, let alone appreciated. Yet, there is the peace that passes understanding that comes from doing God’s will.

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