Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year–A Revamped Plan

Seems like I've just been muddling through lately. Mediocre menus and dust bunnies taking over certain areas of the house, I reworked my house cleaning routine adding some deep cleaning chores to accomplish early this year. I also revamped my menu plan. Here is what I've come up with so far.

Division of work for week:
Monday-Laundry, bathrooms, dust/vacuum, indoor plants
Tuesday-sinks, kitchen floor, ironing
Wednesday-Deep clean: master bedroom; guest bedroom downstairs; guest upstairs; family room area; living room; kitchen; all baths; hall closets; mud room; rec area; storage area
Thursday-Laundry, paper crafts, Deep clean-finish for week

I need to work the following chores in during the week, they are on an as needed basis: Bills/checkbook, Shopping lists/menus/recipes, Bread Baking/butter/yogurt

Menu Planing–I have found it works better to go with the repeat breakfasts and themes for most days of the week.

Sunday: something special for breakfast (preferably made ahead)
Alternate chicken meal with steak for dinner
Heavy snack for evening: muffin pizza, egg burritos, grilled cheese and popcorn;

Monday: bagel, sausage, oatmeal
Sandwich dinner: chicken burger, hamburger, barbeque shred, sloppy joe

Tuesday: bran muffin, alternate fruit & smoothie, granola
Italian dinner: lasagna, hamburger-noodle, spaghetti

Wednesday: sour-dough waffle with nuts/bacon
Mexican dinner: tacos, taco salad, soft tacos, fajitas, burritos

Thursday: toast, oatmeal, egg,
Light dinner: grilled chicken on focaccia, grilled chicken on salad, soup, hamburger patty

Friday: English muffin/muffin, oatmeal, egg
Pizza night alternating with

Saturday: French toast or pancakes with granola
One-pot night: chilis, stews

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