Friday, January 30, 2009

Feminine Appeal, chapter 6, The Honor of Working at Home

After exposing the permeation of Feminism’s bias outlook of homemaking in our culture today. Carolyn draws our attention to a biblical view of homemaking.

Challenging us to contemplate what consequences outside commitments and activities will have on our families and to reject those that compromise the quality of our work in our home.

Holding up the Proverbs 31 woman and Sarah Edwards, wife of Jonathan Edwards, we are encouraged to see our role as manager of the home as one dealing with diverse and important venues. Our goal should be to create a world where our husband “could fulfill his God-given duties without being concerned for the domestic tasks of the home.” Molding our schedule to most help our own husband helps us keep our lives sane.

What memories do you want your children to take from their childhood? What will make the sweetest memories for you in thirty years? Expensive toys or talking with Mom. A hubby that loves to come home or a empty house?

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