Friday, January 23, 2009

Feminine Appeal, chapter 5, The Pleasure of Purity

You sure won’t get a biblical perspective on sex from the world today. God’s Word emphasizes purity before, during, and after marriage, the sacredness of the marriage bed, and this includes thoughts as well as actions.

First, we need to realize and teach our kids that God created sex! Then we need to see the way God created it is beautiful, joyful, and exhilarating in marriage. In marriage we bring glory to God.

We must be committed to purity before the temptations come. There will be temptations. God does not stop temptation. He wants us to put our hearts and minds above–on Christ. This alone, desiring Christ, compels us “to pursue purity for His glory.” We often must decide to flee temptation. This means before we are in a compromising situation. This means asking others to keep us accountable.

Carolyn gives three principles for ‘Grade A’ Passion: Be attractive; Be available; Be anticipatory. All of which are challenging when you are a mom, a working wife, or have a chronic illness. But who should get our best?

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