Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (5)

“Choose always to have less, not more.”

It is a relief to have less to keep clean, picked-up, put away, and repaired. As Americans we have such abundance, we have become very poor stewards. We waste so much. All this materialism makes us unappreciative, ungrateful; we expect to have whatever we want, even when it is not the best for us.

Choose less not just in things. What about in others’ time, attention, and manifestation of their affections? Ah, there is a hard one for me. I want my hubby to spend time with me, be attentive to me, show affection to me. Self wants to be the center. Choosing to have less things to have more to give is easy in comparison with choosing less of hubby’s time and attention so he is can minister to others more.

Choosing less, choosing to deny self, is choosing the best. It is choosing to be more like Christ. After all He gave up the most to come to earth to provide salvation.

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