Friday, February 17, 2017

Winter Beauty

Pardon the quality on these, I did not have a "real" camera with zoom.

Went to Jackson the other day and it was a beautiful day. 
As we drove up the Snake River Canyon there was just a few clouds touched with the pink sunrise.
After dropping Mr. Wonderful off to work and stopping by a grocery store to pick-up fresh vegetables, I was off to a friend's to make cards.

The National Elk Refuge, elk herd with Tetons behind.

I did not stop to take pictures of the usual Big Horn Sheep herd at the base of the butte as there were no rams to be seen up close.

But farther down there was this Bald Eagle surveying the landscape.

The fences were glittering with the morning frost.

On the way home that evening we saw two moose and more elk in the Snake River Canyon.
Then three coyotes running across the local elk feed ground.

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