Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Garden Snow Gauge - Buried

I've been watching the garbage can in the garden to check snow level.

This is regular size garbage can with lid. In the summer I use it to make fertilizer tea. It sits along the fence on the east side of the garden. (Where I can reach it with a garden hose to fill with water.) The "sticks" use see surrounding it are raspberry canes. Many are 5' tall.

January 2
By January 4th. The garbage can was covered with snow; there was just a bump in the snow covering the domed lid.

As of this last snow storm, there isn't even a bump in the snow to show where the lid of the garbage can is.

January 27
We are very thankful for all the snow - it means moisture for the garden and hay fields this Spring and Summer and fewer wild fires in the mountains.

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