Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Garden Gate - May 14

The soaker hoses in these pictures are from Wal-mart. Made out of fabric, they let the water seep from the seams. I think I paid about $25 for two - 50 foot hoses. Transplants and moisture loving plants benefit greatly from their use.

Super 80 Red Cabbage transplants are doing well.
This ground near the fence was not used last year. So, it is full of grass and weeds. Peas peeking through.
I like to grow a variety of lettuces. And I like a variety of color.
Garlic Chives are bigger each year.
Oregano plant from last year came back well.
Horseradish grown in inverted water bottles to keep them from spreading. They are off to a great start this year.
New raspberry canes popping up.
Rhubarb plant by the house. Needs harvested.
Transplants and starts hardened off and waiting to be planted.
Lilies coming up. We had to put mouse traps in the bed for awhile. The critters were eating them as fast as they came up.
Strawberries are blooming well. But probably need more sun than we've had lately.

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