Wednesday, April 29, 2015


A neighbor kindly gave me some lard she had rendered. Tried it in pie crust last week. But what I really wanted to try it in was soap. I used a bit of elk tallow before and liked it.

So this is the ratio I used: 15% extra virgin olive oil, 15% pomace olive oil, 40% coconut oil, 30% lard.  I used Bramble Berry's lye calculator.

I infused my lye solution with about 3 Tbsp dried Calendula petals. (These were from flowers I grew last summer.) Then strained them out.

When lye solution and oils were about 95°F I mixed. After about 20 minutes of hand-stirring I added the essential oils, lavender, calendula, cedar, and then another teaspoon of Calendula petals. I continued to stir for about 4 more minutes.

My molds were recycled (2) almond milk and (2) cream cartons. I cut off the angled tops and cut down one side to make flaps for covers. Then I inserted one carton inside the other. Taping around them to hold together. While not perfect. These work and are the right price.
Wrapped up to cure.
Bars cut at about 28 hours and hardening in the air.

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