Monday, March 9, 2015

Double-sided Receiving Blanket

Materials Needed:

2 pieces of flannel or cotton knit of 1 1/4 yard each. (You could also use 1 yd each to make a smaller size. I do not suggest any smaller.)

Matching Thread

Circle template - I used a regular size canning lid

Fabric marking pencil or pen

Quilting thread and needle

Scissors, sewing machine, iron


1. Place your two pieces of fabric RST (Right Sides Together). If needed trim to make a square.

2. Sew using an 1/2" seam around the edges. Leaving an opening of about 8". If you have left the selvages on and they are thicker than 1/2" adjust your seam allowance to include all the selvage.

To round the corners - lay your canning lid (or other circle template) in the corner, matching the edges of the lid to your seam lines, on the wrong side of the top fabric. Mark the rounded edge with your pen or pencil. Stitch the curve as you are sewing the seams.

3. Clip and trim your curved edges at the corners. This will reduce the fabric bulk inside the seam and help it to turn and lie flat. Pin and press the opening seam allowance to the inside. You should have nice straight sides with rounded corners!

Turn the blanket. Carefully press the edges to help the blanket lie flat.

4. Sew around the edges with a 1/8" topstitch. This will close up your opening and help your edges to lie flat.

5. The blanket will last longer if we add some quilting. Otherwise when laundered the two layers will pull and stretch out of shape. I used a variegated quilting thread and simply did a random continuous curve over the entire blanket.

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