Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Update-First Week of July

A garden helper!
Strawberries! Mr. Wonderful's favorite berry. Some for him, some for the freezer.
The berries are going crazy this year. Mr. Wonderful set up sprinklers and soaker hoses to water them better than ever before. Besides giving a little bonemeal earlier, when I thinned them this Spring; I fertilized them with Winchester Gardens Organic Berry Fertilizer in May. The raspberries are also blooming like crazy!
It takes alot of work to get a tomato at 6000'. These are exciting!
Peas are blooming and setting pods.
Pallet of broccoli transplants, lettuces and spinach from seed.
Beets almost ready to start thinning. And some Buttercrunch Bibb lettuce.
Corn struggling up.

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