Friday, May 30, 2014

Potato Sack

The fabric I used for the bag is some scrap my dad had given me.
It feels alot like awning fabric. So it should stand up to outdoor life.
You actually want the fabric or seams to leak abit so your potatoes aren't too wet.

I used the bottom of a Sweet-licks bucket for a circle pattern. 
Then cut side pieces as two rectangles. And seamed them together. 
First with a straight stitch then with a running zig-zag to reinforce.

Instructions are to: roll down the sides and put about 4" of compost or potting soil 
(not the moisture retaining type-too wet for potatoes) on the bottom. 
Place a couple of seed potatoes. Then cover with about 4" more compost or potting soil.

As the potatoes grow you unroll the sides and add compost or potting soil as needed.
Shhh-This one is a Father's Day gift for my dad. 
He is always looking for a different way to do something.

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