Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Activities

 Winter is here! There are some activities that we can only do in winter.

This year Mr. Wonderful had a late season elk tag. So he took me one day snowmobile hunting. While we did not find an elk, we did enjoy a beautiful afternoon of twisting and turning through the trees on some forest trails and stopping to enjoy some beautiful views.

Some of the grandkids took a turn on the snowmobiles too.

Mr. Wonderful did get his elk. Here is the meat ready to be ground. The steaks were already in the freezer!

Probably my favorite winter activity is to cross-country ski. A friend and I were able to ski a field at her place last week. It was beautiful. One the way to her house I saw a Bald eagle and while skiing a pair of Trumpeter swans flew off from the river by the trail.

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