Monday, December 16, 2013

Memory Making

I want my grandchildren to have good memories of being with Grandma.

One of the things we do each year is make chocolate covered pretzels.

This is much. much. much. easier than the traditional sugar cookie mess.
And the daddies think it yummier!

First we used the Christmas Cards I had received last year to punch gift tags. These we tied to "snack" sized baggies with a ribbon.

Each child had a brown paper lunch bag I had put their name on. They decorated their bags with some "Christmasy" stamps in red and green ink. Some of the darlings also got well inked!

We started with the youngest "helping" to put the pretzels into the chocolate 
with one of the Aunts over-seeing. 

Simple. Excitement.

Each child went home with 7 "snack" bags filled with pretzels in their decorated paper sack.
I encourage them to give their little bags of pretzels away to others.

 Some people will do anything to get some chocolate covered pretzels.
 One of my sons proving he can fit 6 chocolate covered pretzels in his mouth.

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