Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ready, Set, Go-Yard and Garden Work

The snow is gone. Now every minute we can we are outside getting the yard and garden ship-shape.

 Mr. Wonderful has been rolling, dethatching, and gathering up the dry grass to get the yard into shape. The dry grass will be used for mulch in parts of the garden.

Flowerbeds, strawberry beds, and the garden are being cleaned up, pruned, dormant spray on fruit trees, compost and mulch spread. Even a few spinach and lettuce seeds planted. I was excited to see my Crown Imperial coming up. The bright yellow tomato cage is to help it not get bent over by the wind.

This is plastic that was laid down in the garden to help solarize the soil. The theory is weed seeds will sprout and then you can deal with them before planting. It has been windy yesterday and today, it all blew around. Hopefully tomorrow I can get it back in place.
One of the first jobs each year is the Raspberry Patch. It was woefully neglected last year and suffered additionally from a very dry summer. Part of the patch ready to be pruned.

One of the plants pruned. Raspberries just happen to be my favorite berry!

Inside there are a few red cabbage, broccoli, and basil up. This is the first year I've tried peat pots and I'm using a hydrogen peroxide spray to help prevent fungus issues.

Spray no oftener than every 4 days.
3% Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Recipe
1 cup water + 1 Tbsp for already sick, fungsy plants
1 cup water + 1 1/2 tsp to mist plants, soak seeds, and water to wash sprouts.
The hydrogen peroxide add oxygen to benefit the plants/seeds.

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