Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two Down, One to Go–Calf Crop

Saturday afternoon we came home in a chilling wind to find the lead cow lying down and a little girl beside her.
Dot-ty and her Momma.

Because of the dot of white in the middle of her black-brown back she has been named "Dot-ty."

The next morning while getting ready for church, I noticed "Whitey" being very uncomfortable. A little while later, looking out the back window, she appeared to be licking a small mound of snow. Then the snow moved! Another little girl calf.
One of the granddaughters thought she should be called "Snowball." It does seem appropriate.

The heifer is soooo uncomfortable she can't keep her tail still when she lays down. But she hasn't quit eating. So hopeful she will wait to calf until dear son is home again.

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