Wednesday, February 20, 2013


January 6th…before church, dear daughter-in-law #1 calls.

Our oldest son is severely burned and she is taking him to the hospital can we come get the girls.

Burns cover 14% of his body, they are second and third-degree or in current terms: partially and fully burnt through all layers of skin. He is life-flighted to the closest Burn/Trauma Unit. 

Dear daughter-in-law, baby, and I drive to the Burn Center. 

The swelling is incredible! The pain will be too. 

Two days later I return home with the baby. Dear daughter-in-law stays.

This link has pictures of the swelling right before and after it peaked. 

God sends the help we need, other family and friends. God gives the strength.
Being God, He faithfully answered each day's request.
 A hospital stay we expected to be months becomes weeks.

After I'm home two days (one night), we have all four girls at our home.

At about 3 weeks the family is back home.

Family and friends have replaced the burnt carpet in their home.

It will be a long, long year of healing. Please continue to pray for full recovery.

PS Someone asked if four girls are easier than four boys. Noo, I'm not 20 and 30, I'm 55 years old!

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