Friday, January 4, 2013

KISS-Filing of Year's Receipts

If things aren't kept simple arround here, they don't get done.

Here is my simple filing system for each year's receipts and records.

Each basic category has a file folder that gets re-used each year. It's purpose is to hold the receipts during the year. I keep the receipts in a paid folder until there is enough to make it worth my time to go to the file cabinet in the storage room. The receipts are then filed in their proper file folder.

At the end of the year, I label a large enevelope with the file name and year.

Some of the file folders will not have much in them. These can be put into smaller envelopes and then grouped in the larger envelope. For instance: Phones-small,  Electricity-small can both go into a larger envelope labelled Housing.

Do not seal envelopes, you might need to add receipts and records or retrieve information for tax filing.

I store the envelopes in the basement in a cardboard file box with the calendar for that year. This way I have everything together for filling income tax returns.

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