Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It Is Very Cheesy Around Here

Lately we have been blessed with lots of milk.

So I have been making lots of cheese.

After trying four different Mozzarella recipes, I think I like my friend's the best for consistency of results.

2 gallons of cold milk
Add 2 1/2 tsp Citric Acid into 1/4 cup refrigerator cold water (must be chlorine free) Stir briskly into milk.
Heat very slowly to 88-90°F Take off heat

 Dissolve rennet into 1/4 cup refrigerator cold water (again must be chlorine free) Stir briskly with up and down motion, then top-stir butterfat back in. Put lid on and let rest for 30 minutes. Curd should set. When you have a clean break. Slice middle of pan to bottom, continue to slice forming a 1" grid. Then slice on diagonal. Slip curds. Rest 10 minutes. This lets curds separate from whey. Put bakc on heat, slowly heat to 115°F, stir up/down motion while heating, chopping to break up curds. When rubbery-may need to rest some more. Strain whey. (Whey may be heated within 2 hours to about 200°F for whey ricotta. Do not let boil. After curds form, let rest 15 minutes before draining. Hang in bag for 4 hours.)

Curds should form a big clump. Flip at 5 minutes. At 10 minutes, break up into marble size pieces. Let whey run off.  Meanwhile heat stock-pot 1/2 filled with water and 1/2 c canning salt to 170°F To to string: Drop marble size pieces in, using wooden spoons lift cheese to 2" above pan for about 5 minutes. (Look for a blister.) Taste.

Strain off salt water. Should have a blob of melted cheese. Press in cheesecloth lined container for about 2 hours.

Gouda ready to wax
Gouda waxed and ready to store for 2 months. 
Jack cheese drying. Will be waxed when dry enough.

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