Monday, August 15, 2011

Bible Bee- August 2011 Written Practice Questions

Through Week 10:

1.   When 1 Peter 3:9 commands not to return evil for evil, it means we should not try to __________.
a.     Hide evil
b.     Retaliate for evil
c.     Put evil people in prison
d.     Both B and C

2.     We are to _____ from evil. (Proverbs 3:7)
a.     Hide
b.     Gain wisdom
c.     Report
d.     None of the above

3.     When we see evil/danger ahead we should _________. (Proverbs 22:3)
a.     Hide from it
b.     Rejoice in it
c.     Tell everyone about it
d.     Go check it out

4.     Colossians 3:15, If we are in Christ we should seek things above. Our affections should be on things above not ________.
a.     On things of the earth
b.     On eternal things
c.     On Christ
d.     Both A and B

5.     What has caused some to err from the faith in 1 Timothy 6:10?
a.     Coveting money
b.     Being a helper to Paul
c.     Greediness
d.     Both A and C

6.     Who does Paul want to reward Alexander the Coppersmith for the evil he did? (2 Timothy 4:14)
a.     Peter
b.     Timothy
c.     God
d.     Both A and B

7.     John tells those he loved in 3 John 11 to _________ evil.
a.     Follow
b.     Not follow
c.     Reject
d.     Refrain from

8.     Hebrews 10:30 assures us the Lord will _____ evil because He is the Judge.
a.     Revenge
b.     Regards
c.     Restore those who are evil
d.     Return evil for evil

9.     The Greek word “lordorias” is translated __________.
a.     Insult
b.     Rail
c.     Revile
d.     All of the above

10.  The antonym for “lordorias” is ____________.
a.     Speech
b.     Praise
c.     Give a good sermon
d.     Slander

11.  We must be careful to avoid __________ another person through the use of negative words.
a.     Insulting
b.     Railing
c.     Reviling
d.     All of the above

12.  A person who meddles, stirs up _______ (Proverbs 20:3)
a.     Envy
b.     Comfort
c.     Strife
d.     Wisdom

13.  Blasphemy means _____________.
a.     Cursing or reviling God
b.     Assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God
c.     To kiss the blarney stone
d.     Both A and B

14.  Defamation means __________.
a.     To falsely injure another’s reputation
b.     To remove fat from meat
c.     To keep someone from being famous
d.     None of the above

15.  Insolence means ____________.
a.     Contemptuous
b.     Rude
c.     Polite
d.     Both A and B

16.  Mock means _________.
a.     Ridicule
b.     Commend
c.     Praise
d.     Both A and C

17.  Revile means ___________.
a.     To regard highly
b.     To rejoice with singing
c.     To address or speak abusively
d.     Both A and B

18.  Rail means____________.
a.     Rain with hail mixed in
b.     To praise someone publicly
c.     To put someone down/denounce verbally
d.     None of the above

19.  Instead of talking negatively about others we are to _____ them. (1 Peter 3:9)
a.     Avoid
b.     Bless
c.     Care for
d.     Despise

20.  God has promised sufficient _________ to deal with suffering. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)
a.     Grace
b.     Faith
c.     Mercy
d.     Love

21.  Romans 12:14 reminds us to ____ those who persecute us.
a.     Avoid
b.     Bless
c.     Stay away from
d.     Despise

22.  The Greek word “hagaiazo” is translated sanctify/honor/revere it means _______.
a.     Ceremonial washings
b.     To make holy
c.     To dishonor God
d.     To become gods

23.  Revelation 5:12-13, says all ______________ to Christ
a.     Will give honor
b.     Will give love
c.     Respond positively
d.     Both A and B

24.  Who is Christ according to Matthew 16:16?
a.     The Son of the living God
b.     Elijah come again
c.     Messiah
d.     Prophet

25.  Jesus is ______________ of all things. (Colossians 1:13-18)
a.     Savior
b.     Creator
c.     Servant
d.     Friend

26.  Christ is the faithful ___________ in Revelation 1:5-6.
a.     Servant
b.     Prophet
c.     Witness
d.     Healer

27.  Paul says everything is nothing compared to _________. (Philippians 3:8)
a.     Knowing Christ
b.     Being an ambassador of the Gospel
c.     Being a Roman citizen
d.     Heaven

28.  Jesus prayed for His disciples in John 17:17 that God would sanctify them through His ____________.
a.     Truth
b.     Mercy
c.     Compassion
d.     Grace

29.  According to John 17:17, God’s Word is _________.
a.     Alive
b.     Truth
c.     Without error
d.     Eternal

30.  Paul commends the Ephesian elders to God and to the Word of His grace in Acts 20:32. Because it will _________.
a.     Build them up
b.     Give them an inheritance
c.     Keep them alive
d.     Both A and B

31.  Paul says he is sanctified by ____________. (Acts 26:18)
a.     Mosaic Law
b.     Being an ambassador/missionary for Christ
c.     Faith in Jesus
d.     Religious sincerity

32.  Romans 15:16 identifies ______ as doing the sanctifying in a believer’s life.
a.     God’s Word
b.     Trials/testings
c.     Holy Spirit
d.     Persecution

33.  1 Corinthians 6:9-11 lists several _______________ that if they identify you–if that is what you are, you will not inherit the kingdom of God.
a.     People groups
b.     Sins/behaviors
c.     Vocations
d.     None of the above

34.  In what are believers washed, sanctified, justified according to 1 Corinthians 6:9-11?
a.     Name of Jesus
b.     Baptism
c.     Good works
d.     Prayer

35.  Who does the sanctifying in Hebrews 2:11-13?
a.     Pastors
b.     Jesus
c.     Holy Spirit
d.     God’s Word

36.  Hebrews 2:12 quotes Psalm 22 in which David describes how people are treating him. They __________ him.
a.     Despise
b.     Laugh
c.     Encourage
d.     Both A and B

37.  David describes some of the things he is suffering in Psalm 22. One is _____.
a.     Snake bites
b.     Lack of strength
c.     Imprisonment
d.     Too much food

38.  Psalm 22:22 and Hebrews 2:12 both say ______________.
a.     I will declare thy name to my brethren
b.     I will pray only to God.
c.     I will sing praise to God.
d.     Both A and C

39.  Psalm 22:23 David encourages all to _________.
a.     Suffer
b.     Praise God
c.     Pray
d.     Both A and C

40.  David writes a list of some things God has done for us in Psalm 22:24. He reminds us that when we cry out to God _________.
a.     The demons take notice
b.     God hears
c.     Others will think we are weird
d.     It is the same as singing loudly

41.  Peter’s explanation in Chapter 3 of 1 Peter helps us to understand that when we suffer for Christ because we are being sanctified others will actually see we have hope, when we respond correctly. This will give us _____________.
a.     An “holier than thou” attitude
b.     A bigger place in heaven
c.     An opportunity to share Christ
d.     None of the above

42.  The Greek word for answer/defense is _____________.
a.     Apostole
b.     Didasko
c.     Didactic
d.     Apologia

43.  To make a reasoned defense of our hope, 2 Timothy 2 :15 says we must _______.
a.     Read about other religions
b.     Study God’s Word
c.     Go to Bible College
d.     Both B and C

44.  Paul in Philippians 1 is writing from prison. He is in prison because of his defense of ___________. (Verse 7)
a.     Judaism
b.     The Gospel
c.     His Roman citizenship
d.     None of the above

45.  Paul in Philippians 1:12-14 is grateful to be in prison because he sees it advancing the Gospel. He shares the example of _________.
a.     Others are bolder in their witness
b.     His witness in Nero’s palace
c.     The emperor being kind to him.

46.  What are we to be defending (1 Peter 3:18)
a.     The hope that is in us
b.     Other Christians
c.     Our rights
d.     Both A and B

47.  One of the most important points Peter makes in chapter 3 of 1 Peter is we are to suffer for _________ to show others the hope we have.
a.     Doing good
b.     When we do wrong
c.     Going to hostile areas and nations
d.     None of the above

48.  When do we cease from sin?
a.     When we get saved
b.     When we die
c.     When we are born
d.     When we turn 16

49.  We are no longer to live to __________. (1 Peter 4:2)
a.     Rejoice
b.     Eat meat
c.     The lust of men
d.     None of the above

50.  Peter tells us to no longer live like ___________. (1 Peter 4:3)
a.     Jews
b.     Dogs
c.     The Egyptians
d.     Gentiles

51.  Peter tells us that when we won’t do as others, they will at times speak _______ of us in 1 Peter 4:5.
a.     Evil
b.     Good
c.     Well
d.     Both B and C

52.  Who will give an account in 1 Peter 4:5?
a.     No one
b.     Jews
c.     Gentiles
d.     Everyone

53.  The Gospel is preached to men so they can ______________ in the Spirit. (1 Peter 4:6)
a.     Live according to God
b.     Be filled and
c.     Be slain
d.     Imprisoned

54.  What covers a “multitude of sins?” (1 Peter 4:8)
a.     Forgiveness
b.     Discretion
c.     A blanket
d.     Love

55.  What are we not to do grudgingly? (1 Peter 4:9)
a.     Work
b.     Hospitality
c.     Forgive
d.     Give

56.  How are we to use the gift(s) given to us? (1 Peter 4:10)
a.     As good stewards
b.     Grudgingly
c.     Sparingly
d.     Frugally

57.  Our gifts from God are in two categories speaking and ________ (1 Peter 4:11)
a.     Giving
b.     Singing/musical
c.     Serving/ministering
d.     Both A and B

58.  Peter describes our trial as _________ in 1 Peter 4:12.
a.     Fiery
b.     Fun
c.     Foundational
d.     Free

59.  We are to do what as participants in Christ’s suffering? (1 Peter 4:13)
a.     Pray
b.     Complain
c.     Rejoice
d.     Despair

60.  If we are reproached for the name of Christ we are to be ________. (1 Peter 4:14)
a.     Sad
b.     Happy
c.     Pitied
d.     Proud

61.  What of the following are we not to suffer for? (1 Peter 4:15)
a.     Using our gift(s)
b.     Busybody
c.     Giving
d.     Singing

62.  If we suffer for being a Christian we should not _________. (1 Peter 4:16)
a.     Be joyful
b.     Be happy
c.     Be gracious
d.     Be ashamed

63.  Where does Peter say judgment must begin in 1 Peter 4:17?
a.     At home
b.     With Kings and Princes
c.     At the church
d.     None of the above

64.  Who should commit the keeping of their souls to God? (1 Peter 4:19)
a.     Those who suffer according to the will of God
b.     No one
c.     Jews
d.     Both A and C

65.  In 1 Peter 4:1 who suffered in the flesh?
a.     Peter
b.     Noah
c.     Christ
d.     Gentiles

66.  We are not to live to the lusts of men, but to the will of God for how long? (1 Peter 4:2)
a.     Today
b.     Rest of our life
c.     For the summer
d.     None of the above

67.  What did Peter tell the believers in 1 Peter 4:3 they had spent enough time doing?
a.     Traveling
b.     Giving offerings
c.     Praying
d.     Will of the Gentiles

68.  When we don’t “party” with the world they are ________. (1 Peter 4:4)
a.     Surprised
b.     Happy
c.     Sad
d.     Both A and B

69.  Who does God judge according to 1 Peter 4:5?
a.     Quick/living
b.     Dead
c.     Jews
d.     Both A and B

70.  To live in the spirit we must live to ___________. (1 Peter 4:6)
a.     God
b.     Mosaic Law
c.     Grace
d.     None of the above

71.  We are to be sober and watch unto prayer because ________. (1 Peter 4:6)
a.     Dinner is ready
b.     We are sleepy
c.     The end of all things is near
d.     We might lose our salvation

72.  What kind of love are we told to have in 1 Peter 4:8?
a.     Slow to offend
b.     Fervent
c.     Romantic
d.     Both A and B

73.  To whom are we to show hospitality? (1 Peter 4:9)
a.     Homeless
b.     Foreigners
c.     Other believers
d.     Jews

74.  We are to minister our gifts to one another as _________. (1 Peter 4:10)
a.     Judges of good and evil
b.     Good stewards of God’s grace
c.     Children walking in love
d.     None of the above

75.  All our speech and actions should __________ according to 1 Peter 4:11.
a.     Glorify God
b.     Be joyful
c.     Bring honor to me
d.     Be honoring to my parents

76.  When we have a fiery trial, we should not _________. (1 Peter 4:12)
a.     Rejoice
b.     Be surprised
c.     Endure
d.     Both A and C

77.  If we rejoice in suffering what will we have when Christ’s glory is revealed? (1 Peter 4:13)
a.     Gold
b.     Much land
c.     Rebuke and shame
d.     Great joy

78.  If we are reproached for ____________, we are happy. (1 Peter 4:14)
a.     Our evil deeds
b.     Good works
c.     The name of Christ
d.     Lying

79.  Unbelievers do not _________ the Word of God (Gospel). (1 Peter 4:17)
a.     Like
b.     Obey
c.     Honor
d.     Live

80.  Who are the saved?
a.     Jews
b.     Righteous
c.     Religious
d.     Gentiles

81.  The Greek word “hoploon” refers to ________.
a.     Military rank
b.     Weapons
c.     A sword
d.     Your arm

82.  We are to throw off the works of darkness and put on ________. (Romans 13:12)
a.     Clothes
b.     Fine raiment
c.     Salvation
d.     Armor of light

83.  The weapons of ________ listed in 2 Corinthians 6:7 are: Word of truth, power of God.
a.     Warfare
b.     Righteousness
c.     Restitution
d.     Reasoning

84.  Ephesians 6:10-18 gives a description of our spiritual armor. Where does our strength come from?
a.     Praying
b.     Sword of the Spirit
c.     Shield of faith
d.     The Lord

85.  Ephesians 6:12 tells us our struggle is with _________.
a.     Family
b.     Evil powers in this world
c.     Other believers
d.     People not saved

86.  1 Thessalonians 5:8-9 says we are of the day and we are to be ___________ putting on our armor.
a.     Rejoicing
b.     Sober
c.     Secretive
d.     Revengeful

87.  In 1 Peter 4:7-10 Peter gives a list of five things for Christians to do. Which is not on this list?
a.     Hospitality one to another
b.     Serve one another using our gifts
c.     Be sober
d.     Feed the sheep

88.  To be in one’s right mind is ___________. (Mark 5:15 and 1 Peter 4:7)
a.     To be of sound judgment
b.     To be sober in spirit
c.     To be excited to be a missionary
d.     Both A and B

89.  If we love/have charity one to another _______________. (John 13:34-35)
a.     We will be recognized as Jesus’ disciples
b.     We will give away our belongings to others
c.     We will tolerate what others think is truth
d.     None of the above

90.  What Scripture tells us that part of hospitality is offering comfort an encouragement to those in prison or is suffering for Christ?
a.     John 3:16
b.     Hebrews 13:2
c.     Romans 3:23
d.     1 Peter 4:22

91.  What has God given us to enable us to serve one another? (1 Peter 4;10-11)
a.     Wealth
b.     Family
c.     Gifts
d.     None of the above

92.  Our __________ should be controlled by our love one for another according to Galatians 5:13.
a.     Liberty
b.     Justice
c.     Faith
d.     Peace

93.  What need was not being met by the church in Acts 6:1-3?
a.     Daily preaching of the Gospel
b.     Physical needs of widows
c.     Giving of tithes for poor
d.     Meals being prepared

94.  The men who were chosen to take care of the need in Acts 6:1-3 had to meet certain requirements: honest, Spirit filled and ___________.
a.     Full of wisdom
b.     Strong (physically)
c.     Popular leaders
d.     Well to do

95.  Psalm 66:10 reminds us that God ________us.
a.     Tries
b.     Buys
c.     Guides
d.     Creates

96.  According to Romans 5:3-4 Tribulations bring about a list of character qualities in our life that begins with ________.
a.     Virtue
b.     Love
c.     Patience
d.     Hope

97.  God comforts us in our trials for Christ, so we can _________ others.
a.     Persecute
b.     Praise
c.     Comfort
d.     Confuse

98.  2 Timothy 3:10-12 tells us that all who live godly will __________
a.     Rejoice
b.     Become wealthy
c.     Be martyred
d.     Suffer persecution

99.  The man who suffers temptations/trials in James 1:12 and endures receives __________.
a.     Crown of life
b.     Wealth
c.     Lots of friends
d.     Both A and C

100.                 The Lord tries what in Proverbs 17:3?
a.     Silver
b.     Hearts
c.     Gold
d.     Kings and Princes

101.                 When we experience the refining, fiery ordeals that God allows or wills, according to 1 Pete 4:13, how are we to act?
a.     With reluctance
b.     Sad
c.     Rejoicing
d.     Grumbling

102.                 According to Philippians 3:8-11 our trials help ______ us to Christ’s death.
a.     Reconcile
b.     Draw
c.     Conform
d.     Protect

103.                 The Greek word for Gospel, “euaggelion” means ________
a.     Good message
b.     Grace
c.     Mercy
d.     Both A and B

104.                 Acts 1:8 commands us to be ___ or proclaimers of God’s salvation.
a.     Followers
b.     Watching
c.     Witnesses
d.     None of the above

105.                 What are we to preach/proclaim according to Luke 24:46-48?
a.     Repentance
b.     Forgiveness of sins
c.     Baptism
d.     Both A and B

106.                 Titus 3:3-8 reminds us that our salvation is God’s work in us. If we believe in God we are to maintain ___________.
a.     A clean house
b.     A visible prayer life
c.     A well working car
d.     None of the above

107.                 Who are we to teach the Gospel to? (Matthew 28:19-20)
a.     Family
b.     Church
c.     All nations
d.     Aliens

108.                 Mark 16:15 tells us to go where with the Gospel?
a.     Church
b.     World
c.     America
d.     Our state

109.                 Paul reminds the Colossians in Colossians 1:23 they have heard the _____ of the Gospel.
a.     History
b.     Hope
c.     Story
d.     Account

110.                 Romans 10:8-17 explains that God is never unrighteous. But He has mercy and _____ on whom He wills.
a.     Compassion
b.     Grace
c.     Justice
d.     Both A and B

111.                 When John the Baptist’s disciples came to Jesus questioning who He was for John, Jesus’ answer was a list of those being healed and that the ___ have the Gospel preached to them (Matthew 11:5)
a.     Women
b.     Gentiles
c.     Poor
d.     Diseased

112.                 Isaiah 61:1 says, “the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the ___.”
a.     Poor
b.     Gentiles
c.     Sick
d.     Meek

113.                 The Gospel, in Romans 1:16-18, is the ____ of God unto salvation.
a.     Grace
b.     Power
c.     Truth
d.     Mercy

114.                 In Acts 16:9-11, often called Paul’s Macedonian calling, Paul responds to the man’s plea for __ by preaching the Gospel.
a.     Help
b.     Salvation
c.     Deliverance
d.     None of the above

115.                 In Ephesians 2:1-10 we learn that our salvation changes us, makes us alive spiritually to ________.
a.     Go to church
b.     Good works
c.     Be missionaries
d.     Be smarter

116.                 In 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Paul reminds the Corinthians he preached the Gospel, they believed it and they need ________ it.
a.     To be quiet about
b.     To write others about
c.     To text
d.     To Stand on

117.                 If someone preaches a different Gospel (not biblical), he is ______. (Galatians 1:8-100
a.     An hero
b.     Accursed
c.     A joint-heir
d.     None of the above

118.                 Because all have sinned, all need ____________. (Romans 3:21-24)
a.     The righteousness of God
b.     The judgment of sin
c.     Wealth live well
d.     Both A and B

119.                 In 1 Peter 4:6 we are told the Gospel is preached to us so we can live _________.
a.     According to the world
b.     Like our friends
c.     Quietly with our neighbors
d.     According to God in the Spirit

120.                 What Greek word for love is only used in a compound or negative form in the New Testament?
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

121.                 What Greek word for love is only found as the basis for a name in the New Testament?
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

122.                 What Greek word means family affection?
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

123.                 What Greek word means to love as a friend, be fond?
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

124.                 What Greek word means love, benevolence?
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

125.                 Which Greek word for love is used in 1 Peter 4:8?
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

126.                 What Greek word means love in this sentence? I love you because we share the same interest.
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

127.                 1 Peter 1:8 “Whom having not seen, ye love;” uses what Greek word for love?
a.     Agape
b.     Phileo
c.     Storge
d.     Eros

128.                 When we obey the truth we will have unfeigned love for who? (1 Peter 1:22)
a.     God
b.     Christ
c.     Believers
d.     Unbelievers

129.                 Peter commands us to agape-love who in 1 Peter 2:17?
a.     God
b.     Christ
c.     Believers
d.     Unbelievers

130.                 Who did God show His love toward in John 3:16?
a.     God
b.     Christ
c.     Believers
d.     Unbelievers

131.                 Romans 5:8, tells us that God loved us and sent Christ to die for us when?
a.     Before He created the world
b.     At the end of all time
c.     While we were sinners
d.     After our birth

132.                 God loved us so much, He sent His Son, Christ to die for us so we could ________. (1 John 4:9)
a.     Live through Him
b.     Have an easy life
c.     Be better than others
d.     Be religious

133.                 God tells us in John 14:15, if you love me _______________.
a.     I’ll love you
b.     Keep my commands
c.     Be a missionary
d.     Live like a monk

134.                 If we love God we will want to _____ Him. (John 14:23)
a.     Suffer for
b.     Obey
c.     Hide from
d.     None of the above

135.                 If we say we know/love God and don’t keep His commandments, what are we called in 1 John 2:4-6?
a.     Children
b.     Babies
c.     Liars
d.     Both A and B

136.                 If we love God we do not think His commands _______. (1 John 5:3)
a.     Hard
b.     Grievous
c.     Burdensome
d.     Both A and B

137.                 Who is our example of how to love in Colossians 3:12-14?
a.     Paul
b.     Epaphras
c.     Christ
d.     Onesimus

138.                 What does it show to the world when we love other Christians like Christ commanded us? (John 13:34-35)
a.     We are pious
b.     We are Christ’s disciples
c.     We are better than unbelievers
d.     We don’t believe in war

139.                 What do we owe others? (Romans 13:8)
a.     Love
b.     Gifts
c.     To take care of their wants
d.     Both A and C

140.                 When we love others as we are commanded we are actually fulfilling ____________. (Romans 13:8-10)
a.     The Shema, Deuteronomy 6
b.     The Ten Commandments, Exodus 20
c.     1 Chronicles 30:2
d.     None of the above

141.                 1 Corinthians 13 is often described as the love chapter. In verse 4-8 it describes how our love should be. Which adjective(s) describe this love?
a.     Patient
b.     Kind
c.     Childish
d.     Both A and B

142.                 Which behavior/attitude did Peter warn us not to pursue in 1 Peter 4?
a.     Drinking parties/banquetings
b.     Hospitality
c.     Bodily exercise
d.     Moderation

143.                 Which behavior did Peter exhort us to choose in 1 Pete 4
a.     Moderation
b.     Lust
c.     Sober
d.     Bodily exercise

144.                 Whose suffering made such a deep impression on Peter that he mentions it to the other elders and believers? (1 Peter 5:1)
a.     Paul’s
b.     Peter’s wife
c.     Silas’
d.     Christ’s

145.                 Peter charges the elders to feed and have oversight of the church. He likens the church to a __________. (1 Peter 5:2)
a.     Flock
b.     Bride
c.     Body
d.     Meal

146.                 The elders/leaders are to be _______. (1 Peter 5:3)
a.     Rulers
b.     Considered higher/more righteous
c.     Examples
d.     Both A and B

147.                 When Christ appears He will give a _______ to the faithful leaders. (1 Peter 5:4)
a.     Crown of glory
b.     Crown of life
c.     Seal of approval
d.     Martyrs’ reward

148.                 God resists who in 1 Peter 5:5?
a.     Poor
b.     Proud
c.     Meek
d.     Mournful

149.                 Who are we to humble ourselves to? (1 Peter 5:6)
a.     Elders
b.     Younger believers
c.     God
d.     The world

150.                 Because God cares for us we can give/cast ______ on Him. (1 Peter 5:7)
a.     Our cares
b.     Our problems
c.     Blame
d.     Both A and B

151.                 1 Peter 5:8 compares Satan to a _________.
a.     Wolf
b.     Fox
c.     Lion
d.     Dragon

152.                 How are we to resist Satan? (1 Peter 5:9
a.     In our strength
b.     In the faith
c.     By prayer and fasting alone
d.     Both A and B

153.                 What has God called us to by Christ Jesus? (1 Peter 5:10)
a.     Riches
b.     Eternal glory
c.     Fame
d.     Honor

154.                 Peter was writing to these strangers by ______. (1 Peter 5:12)
a.     Email
b.     Texting
c.     Silvanus/Silas
d.     Marcus/Mark

155.                 Who greeted/saluted these believers Peter is writing to in 1 Peter? (1 Peter 5:13)
a.     Marcus/Mark
b.     Church at Babylon
c.     Silvanus/Silas
d.     Both A and B

156.                 Peter prays for them to be blessed with _________. (1 Peter 5:14)
a.     Comfort
b.     Peace
c.     Suffering
d.     Love

157.                 Peter is looking forward in 1 Peter 5:1 to participating in the glory _______.
a.     To be revealed
b.     Of the restored Jerusalem
c.     Of God
d.     None of the above

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