Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Health for Godly Generations

In High School and again in College I did my Speech Class speeches on nutrition. That was many, many years ago! But the interest has never ceased. Now our family doesn't completely forgo sugar of all types. Yet, each year I try to improve our diet/nutrition in some area. So, over the course of 30+ years we are eating healthier.

ReneĆ© De Groot in her book, Health for Godly Generations, lays the foundation for health  by demonstrating we should have a biblical worldview in this necessary, basic area of life.

Here are a few quotes from her book to entice you to read it!

Insofar as God gives grace, mankind is commanded to perform all actions for the glory of God’s name.

• Meals are a cultural and religious activity.

• A distinctively Christian and reformed view of culture will likewise affect our food preparation and diet choices.  

Food must be grown and eaten in recognition of His ways being higher than our ways, and our ways in need of divine restoration.  

Her book is available directly from her website, Vision Forum, and CBD. (Probably Amazon too.) 

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