Friday, January 28, 2011

Learning to Help in the Kitchen

How old do you need to be to help in the kitchen?

This grandma thinks as soon as you can walk! We use chairs and short step-ladders to help the little ones get high enough to help with mixing, stirring, grinding and chopping. We've even been known to let them stand on the counter top. Even if they can only carry one bowl or plate to the table at a time–they are thrilled to help and it is good training. 

Our four year old, stirs the Chocolate Blanc Mange (from Blessed Femina) we served for dessert. We poured it into glass custard cups, topped it with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and a few chocolate chips she placed on top.

The two year old not only mixed the oregano and garlic powder into the butter, she also spread it on the bread and placed the bread on the baking sheet so it could be toasted under the broiler.

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Christy said...

What a wonderful grandma you are!!!!